Enterprise, Culture, Leadership and Agility Transformation Workshop

Recently we had a one day Workshop On "Enterprise, Culture, Leadership and Agility Transformation" at “The Chancery Hotel” in Bangalore. We had a lot of fun filled learning with our Facilitators presenting workshop on different sessions from 10 AM to 4 PM. The participants had some great questions and we enjoyed the back and forth. This is  important to us and the best way we know how to share this with the community is in the narrative form.

We had about 8 sessions at our Workshop:

Introduction to Enterprise Agility - We had a quick Introduction of ourselves and The facilitators had a deep brief of their views on Enterprise Agility, Facilitators also expressed their view on Enterprise Agility. Our recommendation to get started with Enterprise Agility has 10 aspects. You can learn about these on our Agility webpage.

Mindset - This session was taken by TV and Padma, It was a great session based on  Context of Agility how the mindset change can come. He referred to the work on Mindset by Carol Dweck and Linda Rising, and shared 2 types of Mindsets - one is static Mindset and the other is Growth Mindset. He shared ideas and examples on this to help the participants understand the idea better, and the participants also shared their own understanding and experiences. We had a great conversation on Mindset like “Any Method can be adopted but without Proper Mindset We can't move Forward”.

PI Planning - PI Planning session was lead my Niranjan Nerlige, He taught us all the concepts of SAFe for PI Planning, The 2 Days Agenda, System Demo, Team Demo, Solution Demo, Inspect and Adapt, Few concepts on DevOps etc..


Enterprise Culture Change - Almost every enterprise transformation team overstates the degree to which they can control negative effects of change and underestimates the time, collaborative energy and money it would take to prepare for the change. This session was lead by our Co-Founder of Temenos+Agility Susan Gibson. Susan kicked off the session by asking everyone “What does Enterprise Culture Change mean to you?”  

Ball Game - This was the most Enjoyed and fun filled session and the Highlight of the workshop wherein all the  Participants Enjoyed a lot. We have a Video of this session enjoy watching it. Ball Game was wonderfully conducted by Niranjan  Nerlig


Approaching Transforming Enterprise - Transforming Enterprises are “eating” agile values and practices. We observe three types of Enterprise Change Agents emerge - Executive, Internal and External Change Agents. We call their style of Change Agentry as ContaineeringTM …..ContaineeringTM has four aspects - Stance, Tools, Skills and Practices Today and we spoke about the ContaineeringTM practices like - Personal Vision, Shared Vision & Clean Slate   We observe three types of This wonderful Transforming Approach was Facilitated By Susan Gibson and continued with an Influence map Exercise which is Below this session.


Influence Map Exercise - Our leaders and change agents share their stories and in doing so build containers of transformation, affection, trust, openness, humility and generosity. Leaders go first and set the model for trust in team. The Temenos Effect of telling these stories is a state of “Yugen” that a lot of participants have trouble articulating what happened here. They know it, they feel it, they can’t express it. Very powerful session led by Susan Gibson. Thank you Susan for this Wonderful session of our Personal Vision.


Scrum Guide Changes - Latest Scrum Guide changes was discussed and facilitated by Niranjan supported by Siraj and Tathagat. The main addition of Scrum Values openness, focus, respect, commitment and courage were discussed on the reasons for their inclusion in the scrum guide. The main reason is emphasize on practicing  “being scrum” rather on “just doing scrum”.  The discussion was, can this be done from the day one?. It will not be possible from the day one and this can be possible only for a matured scrum team. Nevertheless the Scrum teams have to start practicing these values when scrum is being followed  doing scrum events such as Sprint Planning, daily scrum sprint review and sprint retrospective.


I hope you enjoy our Workshop Blog Post with many Images of our sessions and short description of each sesssion. Please do share your comments and thoughts with us at siraj@visiontemenos.com.

We have our Upcoming workshop @ Delhi on August 20th, Keep following us @ www.visiontemenos.com  for Further updates.

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