Management of Self and Others in Roles (summary)

When Leading Scaling Agility initiatives you often find yourself in dual organizations. John Kotter calls this a Dual Operating Structure. I would like to share my observations (via my earlier newsletters) about Management of Self and Others in Roles in these Dual Operating Systems:


  1. Management of Self in Role
  2. Management of Others in Roles
  3. Managing Your Manager in their Role
  4. Management of Business Stakeholders in their Roles


One takeaway is to be aware of your role in the Leading Scaling Agility Operating System (OS2) vis-a-vis your role in the Hierarchy Operating System (OS1). How do you interact with others -subordinates, peers, managers, executives and business stakeholders? How are you perceived by them?

You are aware of these challenges & we can help your executives and leaders lead your scaling agility challenges!

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