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Is it Impossible to Map our Destination?

Stories have been told for centuries amongst people from all around the world. Stories of the Greek heroes, the Egyptian Pharaohs, and the brave warriors.

 There is an old saying “Every man has a story to tell.”

Each and every life in this universe is an embodiment of tales. Being masked and well secluded in a person’s heart the tales teach the ways to preserve the uniqueness of a journey and help to transform.

In my eyes, every childhood seems as a fairytale; where the fathers are heroes, who keep us away from harm. And the mothers nurture us and fill our lives with love and happiness. But at some point of time we become get more and more detached to this beautiful tale without realizing. As we struggle in our journeys, we forget many things that once helped us to nurture.

Then there a time comes where we stand alone and confused to just know what do I want from myself? What am I searching for? We subconsciously long for a powerful and encouraging hope or wish. Our mind travels between the enigmas of past and the riddles of the present. As the time goes on, the forgotten wisps of the memories seem to be fading away, Like a Dream.

Temenos A way to express Yourself:


There are seven billion people living on earth. Which means each of them have unique psychological states, tendencies, and personas. That’s why there is a belief among many scholars that every human is unique. But how much that is true?

Recently I stumbled upon a theory when I was reading on human behavioral science, “Even if there are seven billion people, humans are all same. In truth, these are the seven billion ways to express a single person.

The theory is pretty vague but somewhat seems true. In a particular situation, a human doesn’t react in the same way as he/she did before. Because a person’s mentality and subconscious at that particular time inevitably manifest the different ways of expression towards the same situation. So, there is a need of deep understanding on a person’s true self to discover the true purpose of life.

“Temenos” symbolizes the Greek word for container or vessel. It is about awakening yourself to self-healing and self-realization, that will help you to light the fire of transformation in your soul. We strongly believe The power of Transformation comes from self-studying and sharing. A lifetime exploration of connecting yourself to others and acknowledging  yourself as a part of the big vessel.

If you want to change, you must first make it clear to yourself why and what you wish to change!” It’s not easy for many to comprehend the right kind of actions that should be taken with right motivations and reasons to induce a change.

There are invisible locks exist that ties down every life form such as the flow of time, the shell that covers our conscience and the physical body that binds our earthly experience....” In simple words, for us there are limits of sight, limits of hearing, limits of touch, and limits of feelings. Even if we are bound by these countless limitation, we need to find a way to move on.

Let me share a simple story to understand this!

I am quite sure you all have the experience of losing something on a big crowded place. Recently something like this happened to me while coming back to home. I was in a panicked situation and started searching the whole area. I saw towards the sky, where the sun was setting down. A friend of mine said, “You won’t be finding something so small because it’s getting dark and the place is getting more crowded”. After few minutes, I left the place without finding anything.

After coming back when I was recalling the whole incident, suddenly I realized that it’s very obvious why couldn’t I find it. Because before I even started looking, I already had been tied down with those invisible locks. My mind was confused with the fear of my physical inability to see in the dark. I subconsciously put a time restraint on my mind. This situation was boosted up wrongly by my friend's passing comment. As a result, I lost the confidence on the work.

"Future is unpredictable, I can’t grasp my destiny"-- If you believe so, then it’s decided for you. If you don’t believe then it can be changed.

Always remember-- No matter who it concerns, when you decide to do something or NOT to do something, it’s a promise to yourself. Hence, the only person who can break that promise is the person who made it. That is the path you have chosen for yourself. Even if you have to stand against the world or lose all the privileged comforts or face the countless ordeals, you would still continue to Live for Yourself. That’s the true determination to achieve something precious.

Share your Influence Map and Break through your obstacles:

Influence Map is a mechanism used in Temenos labs to call forth the authentic transformations. The lab is to provide the awareness of the thoughts, feelings – which you had thought special to you and how it can change and map your life.

The first step of Temenos is “Personal Mythology” which is sub-divided into three steps introspection, visualization, and articulation. Each person in the group conveys his/her life events through storytelling. It’s just not about revealing your  past -- it also defines how your present-self views the past.

The second step of the lab is “Clean slate” which deals with the present. The aim is to remove the deadlocks that have been dragging you down. Sharing your influence map gives you the confidence of admitting your mistakes. And you make a promise to yourself that you won’t be repeating the mistakes again.

The final step of this self-healing lab is to find a "Personal Vision". According to Senge, We need to differentiate between vision, goals, and objectives. A personal vision is an image of the future that you desire. Specific goals and objectives may serve to help you achieve the vision. Senge also notes that your vision should have a purpose. If your vision doesn't have a sense of purpose, a reason of being, then pursuing your vision is pointless.

Don’t mistake the Temenos’ healing effect with some therapy or a magical solution to every problem. We can’t tell a person what to do if he/she has no awareness about things that are lost. Even if we directly tell them to do this and that the result would be the same. What is good, what is bad depends on the person’s decision and our motive is to guide the participants up to that precise point.

Every individual sees this World in a different way. For each of us it’s a different place with different patterns and colors. So, you need to take the gist of it and create your own world slowly by going through the countless changes.

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