How to Elevate your Company’s Trajectory with ‘Front-runner Projects’

It’s in the natural course of running a business for it to involve projects and processes. Many a time, these are necessary demarcations of a bigger task. Each individual chunk would produce a result which would feed into another project that would give rise to another desired result which in turn would form the input for the next process or project.

For an organization to function smoothly, two things are essentials:

  1. These processes should work seamlessly.
  2. They should be well defined to begin with


Front-runner projects bring out the best in the change agents

 Defining these processes often begin with the understanding of the end towards which everything should work. And that in itself is not hard. And even when it’s hard it’s never impossible.

After all, all organizations exist for some purpose- to serve a particular set of consumers with a service, or to create certain physical products which should be delivered to other businesses to facilitate their functioning. Once this fundamental purpose is clear, it’s often not hard to draw out the processes and projects required to run the business.

Projects to sustain vs Projects to excel

The important thing to note here is that these processes help you run the business, or keep it operations. In other words, designing such projects are a functional necessity for managers and team leaders.

The aspect of necessity means it is ascribed a rightful significance by managers. They devote a lot of time- directly or indirectly- ensuring that these processes run smoothly.

The downside of this is that leaders often don’t get the time- or simply forget- to devise processes and projects that would give the organization a competitive advantage over other firms.

Front-runner projects

The projects that are distinct from the ones that are necessary for the regular run of the organization and which could help propel the company to a higher trajectory- a leap that would help you surge ahead of the competition- could be called as front-runner projects.

One of the ways in which front runner-projects could come about is if it involves creating a mechanism- physical or organizational- that would help increase the volume of products that the organization creates. But that needn’t be a sustainable endeavor. For one thing, there’s probably nothing that would prevent your competition from adopting the same new mechanism to boost their productivity.

This kills the competitive advantage which was the reason you created the new mechanism in the first place.

Another potential problem with this is that increasing production count is only feasible if you have increased demand for the product in question, not to mention the extensive distribution channels to sell the higher production.

But such things- especially the former- are dependent on multiple factors many of which you may not be able to influence. This makes realizing a mechanism for boosting production a risky proposition.

What then makes a true front-runner project? One that would bring a course alteration from the run-of-the-mill and help take the organization onto greater heights.

Turns out, you need a basis to design a front-run project. And that basis is True Personal Vision.

Vision as the basis for front runner projects

True Personal Vision is the vision that resides in yourself and which could be found nowhere else. Unique and formidable, this vision acts as a destination you could guide your team or organization towards.

Once you realize your True Personal Vision, it forms the basis on which you could devise projects that would spur the company ahead of its competition.

Temenos Vision Lab

Rather than disrupting the current cycle of projects, you could devise a front runner project using optimal resources that would form the first step towards the vision. Once that is successful, the result of the project could become beneficial enough to warrant the next related project. And so on and so forth.

This way, another trajectory is opened up for the company- one that would take it to greater prosperity.

Unfortunately, the True Personal Vision may be lying hidden from your own view because of the myriad distractions which everyday living brings your way.

Temenos Vision Lab or TVL is a unique session developed by Temenos+Agility to help you realize your True Personal Vision. Using proprietary tools, TVL is conducted by some of the best leadership coaches in business with extensive experience in conducting transformative sessions.

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