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Great Leaders were Once Humble Followers

The ideas I stand for are NOT my own. I borrowed them from Socrates, I swiped them from Chesterfield, I stole them from Jesus. And if you don’t like their ideas, whose ideas would you rather use?”                          -- Dale Carnegie

This blog is inspired from the ideas of my colleuges on leadership development. According to them "Nevertheless, what kind of leader you are (Religious, politician or a technocrat) - A great leadership comes from a great followership...." 

blog_pic.jpgGreat Leaders Know how to Learn!                                                                               Famous psychologist Carl Jung was the student of Sigmund Freud until their disagreement on “Concept of Unconscious”.

The great Athenians Socrates, Plato and Aristotle -- Plato was the prized pupil of Socrates and the famous Aristotle was the student of Plato, even if he disagreed with Plato in many points.

In Hindu mythology, Aruni was the famous disciple of sage Dhoumya. Who actually invoked his admirable teacher’s teachings through his life.

There is an innocence admiration exists in every human. That picture becomes the passion that activates wish and dream in the soul. And a blessed leader is he, who has learned to admire but not envy, to follow but not imitate, to praise but not flatter, and to lead but not manipulate.

Great leaders always have the awareness acknowledgement of others. They are humble! So, they don’t hesitate to learn from others.

Great Leaders Know how to Follow!
From ancient times, great wisdom has passed down by the great masters to their loyal disciples. They entrust their wish to the future and hope someday the disciples will discover something prodigious, that they were unable to achieve.

In today’s business world, there are a lot of arguments on how to lead followers. Hardly ever, you have seen leaders with the required skills to lead other leaders.

When you treat a leader as a follower, you are turning him into someone who does not have freedom, strength or skill to lead others in future. So, a great leader must put effort on raising leaders in a crowd of followers.”

If you find someone with such abilities, don’t let go the grand opportunity of learning. Let yourself communicate with that person’s tremendous energy and wisdom, manifest the grand transformations inside you as a future leader.

Great Leaders Know how to Teach!
When I talk to managers, I get the feeling
they are important.
When I talk to leaders, I get the feeling
I am important.

I don’t recall who wrote this, but I do understand the person’s feelings. Good leaders know how to give space for other’s thinking. There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility comes by achieving superiority on your former self.

Recall the time when you have been fully absorbed into someone’s teachings. How can you teach the same things to the upcoming generation? What part of your life motivate you to be all you can be (Self - actualization)? How can you bring these feeling into the way you motivate your team?

Choose to let go.
Choose dignity.
Choose vision.
Choose to forgive yourself.
Choose to forgive others.
Choose to be curious.
Choose to see your value.
Choose to admit the truth.
Choose to show the world you’re a true servant - leader.

Temenos Vision model inspires Integrity, Resilience, Humility, Sympathy, Supplication & the desire for Continuous learning within leaders -- all the traits you need to inherit as a leader. Sharing your weakness, showing your vulnerability or asking other’s help do NOT show the flaws in a person’s character -- It shows how truly strong you are because you are using the pride of being a leader for the self - development and for the growth of others around you.

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