Giving an Enterprise Focus through a Compelling Shared Vision

Temenos+Agility's Mantra for Leading People together

To well-organize people with scaling capability, anybody needs help. Particularly, as an enterprise leader, you definitely need help. This blog is intended to those emerging pioneers wish to attain powerful shared vision & organizational culture.


I fear one day the technology will surpass human interaction. Then the world will have a generation of idiots.” - Albert Einstein

It’s quite surprising to see how culture has penetrated everywhere in the human society. Even in organizations, culture acts as the personification of people’s feeling, thinking & action. I think that’s the reason why we prioritize on building cultures rather than implementing any business tactics.

“The Temenos model provides the insights in terms of individuals; the teams they belong, the visions the teams are part of and institutions that made of divisions”, says our Co-founder, Susan Gibson.

Temenos Vision Agility Model: Enable, Encourage & Inspire Vision in your mind


Techies of this generation have passion and enthusiasm for technology, and that’s very expected. But is it possible to constitute innovational working class through software development? There are some common concepts exist in a system that is much more powerful than any tool or practice that can be used for building culture. One of them is real individual interaction.

In the Temenos Vision Agility model, the individual element is surrounded by teams, divisions, and institutions. The symbol itself is meant to represent the Vision & Agility. And we really need both, because Vision is the way to activate your action. To understand vision a leader need to have a connection & proper conversation with his people and organization(In language of Temenos, organization is a container of many leaders, where they need to play the role of navigator of many thoughts, visions & actions).

In the language of Temenos, we call the process to find true leadership through Vision is “Personal transformation”

Temenos model says, “A vision is an image of the future that you desire. Specific stories and objectives may serve to help you achieve the vision." 

The first step of Personal transformation is Personal Mythology. What’s the story of your life? Though we may not realize, we develop a personal mythology from a very inexperienced age about who we want to be in the future. That story is a substantial element that drives our vision & action.

Personal mythology goes through three steps: introspection, visualization, and articulation. The genuine intent of this is to create a place of compassion, understanding of relationships inside leaders whether they are embedded in the organization for a long time or not.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Says famous psychologist C.G. Jung. 

Clean slate is a process to bring authenticity to your choices that you have to make every day. It's about the choice to be real. The choice to be honest with yourself & your container. This also a way to free the baggage in your life, that’s being dragging you down.

Next is Personal vision. We believe all of us have Personal Vision, but sometimes we need help to bring into our consciousness. According to Senge, a vision is an image of the future that you desire. Specific goals and objectives may serve to help you achieve the vision. Senge also notes that your vision should have a purpose. If your vision doesn't have a sense of purpose, a reason for being, then pursuing your vision is pointless. Our goal is to guide you to the point of your true personal vision.

Then comes the Shared Vision at the group and Compelling Shared Vision. Temenos facilitators use Influence maps to build shared work cultures. The motive behind this process is to understand our own unique container, our relationships with other containers and the related emotional baggage we carry in our lives to move forward with the container’s vision.

What’s holding a team from being truly high performing?


The type of person you are is usually reflected in your business. To improve your business, first, improve yourself.” -- by Idowu Koyenikan

To live a life of excellence, you will have to step into new territory and come out of your comfort zone. The way you create your inner world that's reflected in your outer world. It means your inner belief manifest you in the outside.

When you understand the values of your organization’s vision, the things you need to do for a better future and articulate it strongly, it influences others. Every member of the team sees themselves in that Shared vision and acknowledge you as the leader they should follow.


Susan Gibson’s Amazing talk on aligning individuals with organizational vision.  


Personal Vision Exercise (Introspection, Visualization & Articulation)


Group of leaders discussing how to articulate the Shared Vision of their group.


Articulation of Vision through drawings and words.


Beautifully articulated Visions!


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