From within I transform: Using your Strength in Achieving Vision

The world you see is willowy, unrestrained, and brisk. With time, the cocoon changes into the butterfly, rippling river fades in the ocean, season part ways leaving the legacy, the fire burns the green forest and the forest returns to the soil. Everything walks facing the embraced destiny.

We all carry a vessel within us. Our deeds, words, choices transform the vessel and we transform along it. The vessel can transform into a healing flower or a protective sword preventing the inner darkness or can be an empty lullaby. In other words, it is an invisible book, where the stories are engraved. The story of destiny, that manifests “THE WAY OF LIVING”.

People and their confused Ideology

Look around! Every particle around you baths with Serendipity. Then why do you choose to be so Ascetic?blog-1.pngThe noise doesn’t stop. The curtains never rise. Only, eternity cuts through the incapacitated soul. All you can hear is that grimy loud noise, in reality, you are not hearing anything at all. The conspicuous tranquilness starts corroding you from inside. You ask again and again “What was that thing I should have fought for?”

This is something I have come to understand slowly "My true reality is not something I am living but something I truly am." It has nothing to do with the outside of me. I believe humans are something like a clump of deviating perceptions. Unless until you see beyond those perceptions, you don’t sense the greater reality.

I do not deny your ascetic self. Since it’s something each of us has gone through. At some point in time, we all deny our true selves. We all prevent out true expressions and desires in coming out while engaging with others. We think, we are looking at what we need to. But it turns out to be delusional. The deceptive traps of life cloud our sense and prevents the “Mindful choice in Action”. It’s also something that I can not make you stop with just words. It’s a practice you have been following since god knows when.

This must be the reason why generation after generation, the wise people go in search of inner selves. They came upon different answers, some found the sage and some the evil. Whatever was that -- it doesn’t change the fact “They transformed when they found who they truly are and what they truly want.”

To Say Who I am, out Loud

Why hold bitterness?

Have you ever questioned yourself about the light you find when you are lost? Tearing out the darkness, the moon like existence that shows you the path. Even if dawn breaks, you still see the traces of that shimmering light. You must have thought it’s a miracle. Yes, it’s a miracle. But not by some coincidence, but because of your choices. The choices that helped you to transform personally. Among those choices, the most beautiful one is to accept yourself.

“You have four streams inside, of water, wine, honey, and milk.
Find those in yourself, and pay no attention what so-and-so says about such-and-such. The rose doesn’t care if someone calls it a thorn, or a Jasmine. Only ordinary eyes categorize human beings.”   -- RUMI

Do not belittle the clarity of your vessel. Do not look out for liberation in others. Your liberation is there in your story. You just need to articulate the connection -- Connection with your past, present and the threads of the upcoming future. Grow out of judging and being judged. Find The essence of your journey -- your Vision.

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