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Employee Archetypes- How To Discover The One That Defines You

To define, to categorise, to put something fluid in a container so it would have a defined shape, so to speak- it’s a common method we humans use to understand things.


When it comes to defining employees into archetypes, to gain an exhaustive view of employee types could be an exercise in folly- since there might be as many archetypes as there are humans who walk the earth.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t certain common archetypes that you come across in various organisations. Here, take a look and see if you could define yourself as one of these.

The heroic one

They are unafraid in their quest to pursue meaningful projects. More often than not, they are interested in tackling issues that affect a larger population through the work they do.

They are inspirational to others in the organisation, but on the downside they may come across as arrogant at times.

The creative personality

They yearn to create something with lasting value for the organisation. Naturally imaginative, they could come up with inventive solutions to problems, and could help the organisation adopt to new market realities. They may tend to keep impractically perfectionistic views at times though.

CS (1) (2).jpg

Creative expression is an individual asset that could help the organization

The one who cares

This is not so much a professional attribute as a personal one. All the same, it’s an important attribute- the urge to care for his or her team members. They are naturally compassionate and selfless. They could be of great value to the organisation since they could bind a team together well, promoting teamwork in the process. On the flip-side, they may get taken advantage of by others.

The sage-like one

This person is usually an introvert- in the best sense of the word. Relying on intelligence and seeking out trusted bits of information, they are calm and composed even in crisis moments.

They could provide objective analysis of scenarios which could help the team tide over a professional rough patch. One blight that may mar them is that they may get too opinionated at times.

The one who explores

They have a passion for discovery, and exploring new possibilities. Theirs is an adventurous trait, which could help the organisation move ahead in directions the competitors couldn’t, bringing significant competitive advantage. Sometimes though, they might get over-ambitious and overshoot the mark.

Influance map (3).png

Steps that would help you define yourself

The fun-loving one

There is sometimes a marked indifference towards fun-loving employees in an organisation, from their colleagues or employers or both. The assumption is that fun and work are mutually exclusive. But the truth is that employees who love positive fun improves the workplace.

Scientific studies have emerged on the subject, which point to that conclusion.

Just by contributing to the positive ambience of the workplace, these employees boost the overall quality of work. But it’s not always fun in their world since they could sometimes be seen by others as disrespectful.

Banner copy.jpgFind your truest self within the organization

These are but only the most common employee archetypes found in an organisation. The list is by no means exhaustive, and there’s a chance that you may not find yourself to be any of these archetypes. But whatever your true self is, it’s worth discovering and put its positive attributes to further yourself as an individual and a team player.

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