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Do's & Don'ts: How can you Triumph over the Fear of Unknown?

What is unknown? Something we can’t name. Something that belongs to the world, which our almighty mind has no knowledge of. Jiddu Krishnamurti, one of the greatest thinkers of his time said: “One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.

It’s very simple to fear what we don’t understand. Most of your life -- walking on the rosy, bright side of the road, you suddenly set foot in the unfamiliar domain of Darkness -- How would you feel? That’s the connotation of “Fear” -- intolerable and hysteric. No matter how brave you are, this continues to exist almost in every human heart. But, of course, there are Visionaries who are well - capable of seeing through.

What must you do to transform yourself, so nothing can keep you down


Inviting your Fear in

There are two ways to know something unknown - first you can seek out for higher wisdom to guide your life. Second is to open yourself to the unfamiliar. The unfamiliar can be new activities, practice, or mastery over something.

For example Practice of Retrospection or mindfulness

It is absolutely necessary to act and to move forward. But one must look back to analyze past actions. I would even advise, take some time to just sit calmly (If you want more concentration, close your eyes). Try focusing your thoughts. Recollect the events you did in past some days -- things that did not go well; things that you got praised for; matters that you could have handled in a much better way.

After analyzing if possible write on a paper that you wouldn’t forget. Now, you can feel the better clarity over the past happenings. The rest is changing your ways to prevent the same mistakes happening all over again.

Always Remember who you are

In this context I want to share something interesting, when I was a kid, my teacher used to ask, tell me the five things you are good at doing? We used to answer it (non-hesitantly) with big smiles. After so many years, the same question was asked to the (adult) me, and I was wondering about what to answer. It’s not like I don’t know about my good qualities. Sometimes everything is just hazy. Life becomes so busy, messy that you start having doubts. Even if you have problems, you refuse to share or ask help. Losing self - awareness can make you the perfect vessel of fear. Holding on to your dignity is fine, but letting your quirks do whatever with your life is NOT reasonable.

Escaping is not a Solution

There is a saying “Every day, at least do one thing that scares you the most.” In my previous blog, I have mentioned -- Your liberation is there in your story. Quitting is a never - ending cycle. How many times will you run away? Do not let the fears claim you. Find the vision that will lighten your path.

Engaged with Life by Asking Help

There is peace exist in giving up. Giving up on your fears and troubles -- It means stopping yourself from struggling alone. But to have helping companions, you need to genuinely ask for help. Detach yourself from needless ego. It makes people blind. You stop recognizing what’s beneficial for you. You lost control over what’s happening now. You become unsure, fearful, and powerless.

Each moment is Essential and everything is Beautiful

Once in awhile, it is important to realize how beautiful the world is. The people you have met until now, how wonderful they were. The things you are doing, how crucial they are. Your time is very precious and need to utilize it properly. You need to take care yourself and others. You need to separate the things that are necessary for you from other unwanted thoughts. You have to figure out how you are going to lead a regretless life.

P.S. The title of this blog can be little intimidating but it’s not an unsolved mystery. In our lives, often we don’t have grasp over our bodies, hearts, and minds. We set out on a journey having nothing in hands and eventually we find the purpose. Though life can be quite unbalanced but that’s what living is.

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