Building a Generation of Self - expressive Leaders

Some say leadership is artistry; some says leadership is a technique. There are a lot of books authored on the topic and many approaches debated. This blog will be an invitation to salvage the different expressions of creative and truthful leadership inside you!

A New Myth of Self - expressive Leaders:

There are many Leadership dimensions, all of these are vast and personalized. Each leader has a unique persona. We all move in different dimensions as leaders. We all find ways to express our identity, our belief, our inspirations, and, our visions.

Shouldering the responsibilities of others, we become the leaders of particular containers. Idiosyncratic revolutions result in a leader when he defines the language of his dimensions tenderly and unhesitantly.

You know it's NOT always about getting business or leading people or business tricks and techniques. Leadership is much more rooted -- effective understanding on relationship building, great psychological strength, being a persevere amongst many odds. The ones who walk on this path can express themselves authentically.

Express Who and How You are!

No man in the world sets out on a journey as a leader, they walk and walk; they dream and dream; they fall and fight to make a graceful stand. In the Persuasion of the purpose, they sing the songs of their soul that touch others around. If people think it is a calling that is worthy enough to give everything they have, they follow such leaders.

So the point is, to discover yourself and use your complete potential (your skills, gifts & energies) in order to make your vision come true. A Leader’s life must be the Ultimate form of his Self - expression.  Without withholding yourself, you must become the person you dreamed of being.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a Victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.” -- Harvey Fierstein

A leader’s true power resides within the power of his purpose, whether it’s about desperately chasing after something big or fighting hard against something. As I said before (Humbly!), People always follow such leaders who know what they truly are; what they stand for, what they seek for.

Each and every time try expanding your abilities and exploring the possibilities such that others can see a new light in your every act --- not from your past experience of you, but from your present self. Always remember your journey is uniquely yours. This means you can’t lead by copying other’s activities, beliefs, values, and visions. You can only lead with your own experience of your beliefs, values, and visions.

Develop the ability to alter the environment in which you can express yourself. Find yourself more empowered and discover what it takes to empower others. Create opportunities and circumstances to influence others in a right direction.

Create The Legend Called You

There is always a confusion between what is an authentic self - expression and doing something that others believe you should be doing. Human has the tendency of hiding behind something, when things get out of the hand or when they want to avoid something.

Many times we say ‘No’ to the situations we don’t want be bothered by or we say it because that is how it supposed to be.

For example, a director of a company wants to invest the resources on some business plan. But in truth, it is too late to apply such plans, even if the company doesn't face any big loss, but it won’t get benefits either. The boss is a rockheaded type and always does the things that he thinks is right.

In this case, let’s discuss how the leaders(heads of different departments) will move:

Leader A: Goes to the boss and reports about the whole situation.

Leader B: Comes with better ideas to replace the boss’ plan. Since the boss doesn’t like to listen to others, somehow he is thinking how to recover the minimum loss in a small period of time.

Leader C: He is an eccentric type, not bothered by other’s thinking or views, by hook or crook he is planning to use the invested resource to get the business.

Leader D: He doesn't have to do anything with it. After all, it’s company’s resource let them spend however they want.

As you can see, how the different leaders have different ways of expressions.

Leader A wants to take the responsibility, but not in a genuine way, maybe he is trying to impress NOT express (Because only reporting can’t solve anything, if he has such brain to think about the loss then why doesn’t he come with some precautions).

Leader B is responsible, he comes with a plan but when he sees his boss’ negative reaction. He starts thinking about future and gives up on the present.

Leader C is brave, but he should put some boundaries on his eccentricity, which may give a reverse effect. And acting alone on your own is not something a true leader should do. Leader D is someone who is rejecting everything from the start.

All of them are saying, “NO” (or Showing Rejection) at some point to avoid their responsibility. 

I can’t say anything about other people’s challenges, hardships or difficulties. That is something out of which our lives have been constructed. If there is light, there is darkness; like there is happiness, the same amount of sadness will be there to balance the life. We can’t predict what is coming for us. But we always have control on how we engage with the events of our lives, whether we call for the positive energy to manifest a good change or damage ourselves with negative emotions. Always be yourself and say “NO” only to those emotions that don’t serve any purpose for you.

As I mentioned before, “You are the Writer of your Own Story”. It’s fine to be sad, gloomy or negative sometimes. But your life story doesn’t have to be tragic when you can fill with fun and adventurous events.

It’s all about taking the responsibility (making the choice) for the world you are creating. Even after facing severe obstructions, every human has something authentic inside them, i.e. the capacity to think, to create, to overcome, to transform, to find something precious than any jewel and greater than any suffering.

xCAT(Executive Change Agent Temenos) Labs:


There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into actions and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium & will be lost.”--- Martha Graham

Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is difficult. Leadership is NOT something that you can learn by reading books and articles on leadership. Neither we can teach you how you can be a fearless leader. But you always can practice the expressions that come when you properly articulate your vision and purpose.

In xCAT labs, we teach the leaders how to reveal their philosophy NOT with words but with the choices they make. We bestow them with the power of Temenos modelings that give them required skills, tools and practices to express them as leaders.

To know more read my previous blog:

With the help of Temenos Vision Agility Model we guide participants to breath new life in their workplace and inspire others, as they shine to reveal themselves to the world.

We believe, "To access and offer our authentic self to the world, the most important thing we need to do is --- To know ourselves in a better way without distraction!"


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