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Awareness Cultivation: Positive imaginations are necessary. Why?

When we know how our mind functions, we brim with confidence because our subconscious accepts the idea and devise the planning to execute it. So there is a need of self-knowing to use this force of mind constructively to bring guidance, freedom, and peace in life.

The conflicts of Subconscious:

Recently, I was reading “The Power of Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy.  The international bestseller said many things that we all probably feel firmly.

“It is perfectly obvious that the only thing you have to do
in order to overcome failure
is to get your subconscious accept your idea or request
by feeling its reality now,
and the law of your mind will do the rest.
Turn over your request with faith and confidence,
and your subconscious will take over
and answer for you.”

Our Subconscious is like an immeasurable world of information. It records and remembers everything. You may not be knowing, whatever you feed to your conscious, the subconscious takes that aspect and changes your outward behavior and response. It doesn't have the ability to think and complies with the instructions it gets from the cognizant personality. Like any other power residing in this world, Subconscious has both positive and negative side. It fully depends on how the host plans to utilize such energy. If it is used negatively, it brings trouble, failure, and confusion. Consequently, the right usage brings success. 

Again from the Wisdom of Joseph Murphy

“Never try to compel the subconscious mind to accept your idea by exercising your willpower or confidence. Such attempts are doomed to failure.”

There is an experiment to demonstrate this hypothesis!

An arc shooter was given to fire 50 shots at a target with the radius of 10cm. All his shots hit the target. Then they put a vase worth 100 million a meter away from the target and let him try again. What do you think happened? A vase that’s meter away shouldn’t make any difference for a real professional. But the result was pretty shocking. The shots were on average 7cm. Off the side, away from the vase. Why??

It was fear. He had the desire, was confident and put enough effort. But the fear made his subconscious showed him the picture of failure i.e. the broken vase which costs hundreds of millions. Without realizing many of us enslave ourselves to the phenomena called “Fear” -- Fear of envisioning ourselves as the winners. 

The simple example that Joseph Murphy specified, in the exam halls, sometimes we face the trouble of remembering answers. Out of panic we summon the powers of will. But finally, we couldn’t recall it. The more we put effort and pressure on our mind, the further the answer appears to escape.

Some more from My experience!

In Discuss Agile Delhi, 2016 conference, one of the speakers said, There are types of leaders who dare to show the dreams of a land to their followers, Which they have not seen yetThe phrase resonated with me very strongly. This also kicked me out of my “Playing Safe” zone. But Vision is always like an unseen land or untouched treasure. Be that as it may, humans still dream, imagine, carve and chase for it. 

So, we need to learn how to align our objectives with the creative energies of the subliminal. There’s a very intriguing fact exist in this context - in every eleven months, a person has the high probability of changing. Amazing, Isn't it? One of my Favorite bloggers Brian Tracy said, our subconscious mind causes to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable whenever we attempt to do anything new or different. But for us to develop, we have to be willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable doing new things the first few times. 

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