Agile Learning Series: Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming is one of the early agile mindset based approach "software engineering specific practice" that was developed in 1996 by Kent Beck for Chrysler Payroll System development. The concepts of Extreme Programming are so popular; we utilize them in almost all Team Level, System & Enterprise Scaling approach as the foundations.


XP Introduction


Extreme Programming is pushing all the traditional/ordinary and slow programming approaches, communication & collaboration, planning, integration, deploying to extreme levels for high productivity, close collaboration and communication, high value for customers and business and at the same programmer's welfare by following simple value & principles based practices.

Extreme or Xtreme programming is also considered to be a flexible, light-weight, fun and at the same time highly focused on business value, welfare and mutual benefit of the employees and customers.

History of XP

Xtreme programming stated as a restructuring programme of C3 Payroll system in 1996. Since then, It has created a broad and deep impact in the agile community and also scaling agile practices at the organization or enterprise scale. Most of the building blocks and foundations of modern IT high-quality software engineering practices are from the Xtreme programming practices.

The Goal of XP is excellent software development.

It is also from my observations and experience, "Lean is Agile for the manufacturing industry, while Agile is Lean for the software industry.

XP has an agile mindset - based on values & principles - ways-of-working.
XP suggests that the Principle is the bridge and bridges the gaps between Practices and Values. The Principles also can be domain specific.

XP Values Principles Practices


XP believes in sustainable pace and suggests 40hr per week work schedule for individuals. Promotes Pair programming for knowledge sharing and shared understanding.

XP has activities, values, principles and practices.

XP Activities

Coding, Testing, Listening and Designing.

XP Values

Communication, Simplicity, Feedback, Courage, and Respect.

XP Principles

Humanity, Economics, Mutual-Benefit, Self-Similarity, Improvement, Diversity, Reflection, Flow, Opportunity, Redundancy, Failure, Quality, Baby Steps, Accepted Responsibility

XP Practices (Primary)

Sit Together, Whole Team, Informative Workspace, Energized work, Pair Programming, Stories, Weekly-Cycle, Quarterly-Cycle, Slack, Ten-minute Build, Continuous Integration, Test-First Programming, Incremental Design

XP Practices (Corollary)

Real Customer Development, Increment Deployment, Team Continuity, Shrinking Teams, Root-Cause Analysis, Shared Code, Code and Tests, Single code base, Daily Deployment, Negotiated Scope Contract, Pay-Per-Use

XP Activities


XP Practices



XP Pair Programming with Other Practices


XP for High-Quality Software Development


XP Overview


Let us see the XP Primary practices in details

XP Practices promote that the entire team works together in the same office.

XP Practices P1


XP Practices promote that the Whole Team approach (all required skills Multi-discipline, functional approach to delivering value).

XP Practices P2


XP Practices promote information radiator type of approach, where Product, Teams progress is visible and updated.

XP Practices Information Radiator


XP Practices promote that people achieve their work at a sustainable pace, and avoid working overtime, during sickness.

XP Practice Energized work


XP Practices promote Pair work, where driver-navigator role. This concept has evolved into many other modern practices.

XP Practices Pair Programming


XP Sample/Actual card using User Story Format.

XP Promotes "Stories" format with Acceptance Criteria, which many agile practices are now adopting.

XP Example Story Card early days of XP

XP promotes small Releases through continuous integration and other extreme programming practices. Small Releases helps to deliver a small working increment (User Story) in a weeks time. Development Team can do a weekly review.



XP CI CD Small Releases-1


XP promotes the quick build, capacity based planning, Test-first programming, an incremental design that helps to support emergent design.

XP Practices List of Engg

XP is one of the early agile practice which promotes a mindset based on values, principles, and practices. The practices are both technical and for the growth of the people (or programmer's welfare).

XP Mindset Practices Collaboration


XP practices, Scrum Framework, and Kanban can be considered to complement each other. Kanban promotes flow processes, XP Promotes good engineering practices while Scrum promotes a framework approach.

XP Scrum Kanban

XP Promotes feedback approach and the high-speed collaboration, communication, and feedback of the working software.


XP Feedback Loops

Agile Scrum and Continuous Improvement

Scrum, XP, Kanban, and DevOps considered to be the foundation and also enabling the concept of the Continuous Delivery pipeline.

XP References

XP References


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