Agile Enabler : Role I feel is now my vision

Every year starts with some resolutions, We plan many and achieve few as any normal agile project. I am happy to share my achievement of first month as I am sure it will influence not only my year 2017 but my entire life. I would keep it short and will give links and want to share my learning so that I could keep my vision clear.

HOW it happened ? I attended the Vision -Temeons Vision Lab Workshop in Jan 2017 with seven jewels " Rainbow Seekers".

WHY I Joined ? To get more clarity for my future goals and long term Vision in agile coaching.

WHAT I was expecting? Learning , Networking, Knowledge Sharing, Coaching engagements , ROI

WHAT I actually learnt? Here are my few learnings :

  1.  Agile Enabler is a true role that I feel - I can play throughout my life.
  2. Mentors are your stepping stones to success , whenever you feel you have learned a lot and you have enough knowledge - PICK a mentor ....
  3. If you feel you are the smartest guy/girl in the room - Change the room : look for better places where you can actually get some knowledge.
  4. Clear Goals helps you to achieve what you really want. Visualizing increases the impact of assurance to yourself. Write your goals (personal / Professional) and then keep track of it.
  5. Before asking someone else first you decide : What you want ? Why you are here? and How you can make things better? All the answers are with in you. Good Coaches facilitates you to find YOUR Solutions; they facilitate - not provide solutions. ( here Life coaching is more impactful)
  6. Networking, Community service , sharing knowledge helps every individual to grow. Learning should be never ending process. Knowledge is the only wealth that increases when you share it.
  7. What next - Now I am already agile ? Conference is a listening engagement where as workshop is involvement engagement. Both have their own benefits. Choose wisely.
  8. VISION - is not just a word but it is a ray that has starting point as YOU and can expand limitless as per your potential. Design your vision as you want to progress and keep looking at time, retrospect what is achievable , adapt , change , be agile.


In a nutshell,
What You are Today and what you will become tomorrow is solely your vision, you have a canvas and colours but choose the right frame and people who guide you and influence you. Happy Visioning 2017.......

       For more details tune to VISION TEMENOS BLOGS.

Special thanks to my new friends - Rainbow Seekers and facilitators ( Silvana /TV ) for introducing me to a new role of " Agile Enabler".

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