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A Conventional Manager Learns from Lean: Six Leadership Lessons (video)

I spent 20 years as a "conventional" banker, and another seven as a conventional management consultant - before people started talking to me about post-conventional leadership.  It’s only in the last two years that I’ve encountered people passionate about the Lean and Agile movements - and begun to learn from them the leadership lessons that Lean and Agile can teach.  

This short video captures six of those lessons that I’ve taken - and crystallised with help from my colleagues - from the origins of the Lean movement.  It covers at high level points we are diving into a bit more deeply in a series of webinars and blog posts.  It also provides a taste of the leadership dialogue we are offering to our clients.  

I’d welcome your own insights and feedback to scott@visiontemenos.com

Blog posts in this series to date:




Please find the video below

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