Untangling the soul in 3 haiku-inspired poems

This post aims to do exactly what it says on the title- to untangle the soul from the distractions it’s caught up in, to take a journey to a key truth that resides in the human soul, and explore this particular truth and its implications in human lives and for organizations that are run by us.

So before further ado, let’s begin the journey…


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The poetry of the soul goes to the heart of your self


In the stillness speaks

a sense of things to come next,

Your seeking ends in you.

Stillness is the pure essence of the soul. You could consider it a tranquil pool of water in which you could take a refreshing swim in the evening after a long, weary day. It’s your dependable sanctuary, the place where you know you would find the sense of oneness that you seek with yourself. You wade through the water, your hands making splashing motions as you move forward. Contrary to physical swimming, a dip in the soul pool is rarely exhausting. In fact, the more you swim there, the more energetic and refined you become.

Provided, there’s stillness in the soul.

Unfortunately though, this stillness is extremely hard to find, and the resulting feeling could be unsettling. This feeling of being ‘unmoored from oneself’ is an unfortunate reality of life in our world. The strange fact of being out of touch with your own soul is no more strange in our world. After all, in a world where external distractions are numerous, it’s easy to lose sight of one’s own soul that resides within the body.

But still, the seeking for oneness could only end by remerging the mind with the soul. As the poem says, “Your seeking ends in you.”



Like a leaf floating,

carried down by river flow,

the truth you should seize.

There’s something almost otherworldly beautiful about the sound of flowing water in a stream or a river. Sometimes, it sounds like the laughter of children, and at other times- especially on the cold, full-moon nights it may sound like angels singing.

And in the daytime, if you sit down by its shore, you may see a leaf being carried the river by the gently flowing water. This leaf- as per the poem under consideration is akin to the truth- one which we yearn after but remains elusive, always slipping through the gap between our fingers.

The truth we are interested in for this blog post is True Personal Vision. As the name indicates, it’s an irrefutable vision- as truthful as the existence of the sun and as unique as your own individuality.

It’s the vision for the future that exists in your own self and nowhere else. This realization of this vision is a turning point- especially for leaders of organizations who could leverage this vision to chart out their company’s future trajectory.

The distractions of daily living which we discussed in the previous section is a major reason why this truthful vision remains hidden from our view. To clear the mind and realize the shining glory of your vision requires a special guidance and more than anything a secure and friendly environment in which you could come to realize the vision.

Temenos Vision Lab or TVL is a unique session developed by Temenos+Agility to help you realize your True Personal Vision. Using proprietary tools, TVL is conducted by some of the best leadership coaches in business with extensive experience in conducting transformative sessions.




Like dawn in planet

some other, you see not future

without your Vision.  


The future- some resort to superstitious methods to find what it has in store for them, others try to make logical projections to forecast it. But even the latter efforts often fall short because the future...well, it’s the future! Something that’s not yet here. By definition you wouldn’t be able to see it- at least, not down to its littlest details. That would be like trying to see the sunrise of another planet while you are here on the Earth.

But there’s one aspect of the future which you could see with tremendous certainty- and that aspect resides in your own self: your True Personal Vision. Well, maybe it’s not entirely accurate to say that vision is part of your future. For it’s at the same time a depiction of the future and also a powerful inspiration that drives you to realize that future. Either way, once you realise your vision, the future opens up, and you are free to pursue it!

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