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So you want to organize a community Temenos Effect Gathering?

Temenos Effect Gathering offers a splendid opportunity for business leaders and professionals to discover and transform themselves, using tried-and-tested principles, under the guidance of experienced professionals.   


Successful Temenos Effect Gatherings took place across the world including in Boston, Bangalore and Frankfurt.   Frankfurt and Bengaluru will again be hosting Temenos Effect Gatherings this year. The dates for Bengaluru will be 22 Nov to 25 Nov, 2018 . For Frankfurt the Gathering will be held on 28 Sep to 30 Sep, 2018.

As simple as that may sound, this sort of transformation is hard to occur if people are left to their own devices. 

There are three reasons why individuals resist positive transformation: 

  • They get weighed down by apprehensions that might have arisen from past experiences. This inhibits them from embracing changes.
  • The people in an organisation are unsure how to bridge the gap between where they are in the present moment and where they wish to be in the future.
  • While the individuals may not be able to share their stories with each other, given how they haven’t articulated their stories in the first place.   

How Temenos helps tackle the three problems 

To help individuals come unstuck from whatever paralysis that prevents them from transforming into more efficient personalities, Temenos has envisioned a three-labs methodology. 

Those who attend Temenos Effect Gathering would benefit from these three pivotal labs. 

The three labs in the Temenos Effect Gathering process mirror our Temenos Vision Labs:


  • Personal Mythology(PM) Lab:  This lab explores the idea of defining oneself through the stories that people tell about themselves. By helping the participants frame a story which begins with their past, and what they learned from that past- and extending to how they overcame obstacles to become who they are today, they articulate a personal story of growth and contentment.  The PM Lab utilizes the very human aspect of storytelling- and understanding the world and yourself through the stories we tell- in order to help you come to a fuller understanding of you own self. To discover yourself in this manner, Temenos makes use of a proprietary tool called Influence Maps. In this, three key steps are involved- introspection, visualization and articulation.   Introspection refers to a method by which you dive deep into you own memories, to assess the emotions and personal tales which mean the most to you, so you could identify the what would motivate you the most to reach your goal. 

  • Clean Slate(CS) Lab:   Once the individuals have defined themselves, the next step is to help them take a critical view of themselves- so that they could see what they have been doing right as a professional, and where they have been making mistakes. They are then encouraged to carry forward only the positive attributes, and avoid the negative aspects.  In other words, Clean Slate Lab helps you lose the unnecessary baggage from your past and move towards your destiny with the aid of positive attributes, and a renewed confidence. 

  • True Personal Vision(TPV) Lab:   In this step, the individuals are not just encouraged to articulate their personal vision but also chart a path to bridge their current self with who they wish to be in the future. Many deep-seated fears and external circumstances may inhibit a person from going after their goal. TPV helps people approach this challenge with their innate creativity and passion.  Put another way, TPV lab helps you cleanse your mind so that your inner-vision is blemishless, and so you could see clearly the trajectory you should take to achieve the success you yearn for. 

“Sharing your TPV with others is the first step in making it real”

The facilitators 

Challenging as personal/organisational transformation can be, Temenos brings a group of highly creative, experienced professionals to guide you into your better self- a self devoid of unwanted apprehensions and brimming with energy and confidence, a self no more bogged down by the past, but ready for the future.

The facilitators at the Boston edition of Temenos Effect Gathering

2 (1).jpg

Siraj Sirajuddin- Founder, Temenos Effect sharing his expertise, at a Temenos Effect Gathering

Temenos Effect Gathering- the roundup 

The goal is to help facilitate individual transformation in a secure and friendly atmosphere. The method adopted to do that is rooted in psychology and leadership theory. And those who implement the method are its best practitioners!  If you are interested in organising a Gathering, email us at help@visiontemenos.com. We look forward to hear from you!

In short - You can do this and We can help you!

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