Gene Bellinger started this discussion on the STW LinkedIn group about possibly a new name of the Systems Thinking World group.


STIA Mashup: Welcome to the STIA Plus community !!

Well, coincidentally, I was telling Otto Scharmer (amazing man + great source of inspiration) exactly the same idea a few days ago and called this phenomenon the STIA Plus community. In summary, this is what I have observed:

1. My own perspective is that the community I have been working with (Systems Thinking) has moved slightly and brought in / pulled in many other perspectives. I have started calling this the Systems Thinking Plus community.

2. The members of other communities (what Gene calls "multiple perspectives") have been moving into / pulling into their communities / merging with / blending with the ST community. We are part of their "Plus Community" now - Open Space Plus, World Cafe Plus, Presencing Plus,

All this is happening organically and I see amazing examples that inspired me to describe this years STIA Conference Theme :

(a) My own movement takes me from Systems Thinking to Systems Sensing and Feeling but that is another blog for another time, lets call it Systems Thinking and Temenos.

(b) Systems Thinkers in the Jungian Analysis group where we talk about Carl Jung's concept of Individuation. While reading his books on this topic, I am reminded of the Discipline #1 from The Fifth Discipline - Personal Mastery!

(c) Systems Thinkers and Agilists - I have noticed that several Agilists have been talking about The Fifth Discipline and Systems Thinking. What surprised me was when I saw a few Systems Thinkers in the Agile coaching community! hooray!! Trust me ... this is not the LAST word on this topic ... Craig Brown & Ed Wong's LAST conference had more than 300 people earlier this month (up from 70+ at LAST 2012). Yup! Agility is coming into Systems Thinking and vice-versa.

(d) Sytems Thinkers and Polarity Thinkers - Cliff Kayser and his Polarity Thinking group has been a part of the STIA community for many years and last year he & Russ Gaskin moved several of us to tears with his emotional keynote. I sense they will call us part of their Polarity Plus community soon.

What are your observations?

Welcome to the Systems Thinking Plus community! Welcome to the new, new network of networks of networks!

Siraj Sirajuddin
Host, STIA 2013 .. where the theme this year is STIA Mashup: Systems Thinking + Temenos + Individuation + Agility !!

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