sin (theta) / cos (theta) = tan (theta)

I am sure the title would bring nostalgic memories of school and those math wizards would immediately co-relate to Trigonometric family. I was never a math lover though. But somehow the title made me write this article in the current IT scenario. So here we go..

When we learnt this in school (I don't remember when we were taught, I googled and found it was 8th standard!!!) we never thought that how we were going to use this in our career or as a matter of fact use it at all !!!. Consider integration/derivatives in math, how many of us have really applied all the concepts in our day to day work life? 

Now lets come to our current scenario in IT, as per an article from Capgemini India Head 65% of IT employees are not trainable. Check out this report !!

Why 65% of IT employees are not trainable? They are the same ones who learnt the formula sin (theta) / cos (theta) = tan(theta) and passed with flying colors!!! And now they dont want to learn a new skill which they know pretty well that this is going to enhance their career or rather keep them employed!!

Why cant a 20-experienced or a 30-year experienced person learn Java? Why there is a mental block which says that you should never be hands-on at the age of 45? or 50?

Take example of Shri Amitabh Bachchan. He says even after spending 4 decades in Bollywood he still gets sleepless nights before a shot. Read more here.

That's a sign of a perfectionist. He never retires into a comfort zone. At the age of 74, he keeps on improvising himself. Why we cant be Amitabh Bachchan in our IT career. We should come out of our comfort zone and learn a new skill and keep ourselves updated . If I am a manual tester for 15 years of testing career and if I make up my mind that i will learn Automation, and other types of testing like Performance, Security Testing etc, I can definitely learn!! and so can all of us

Even if you login to LinkedIn, you get a notification on LinkedIn Learning saying "develop the skills you need to advance your career". Does it asks you whether you are a fresher or Vice President with 20 years of experience? No!!. We need to constantly "Sharpen the Saw"(Stephen Covey's one of famous habit from 7 habits) and keep ourself updated with the latest technologies if we want to be successful

So coming back to our title of this article, we never questioned our school curriculum whether we will apply the formula in our work/career 15 years later then why cant we learn a skill now which we know for sure that if we apply those skills it will enhance the career!!

Another reason people say that they don't have to time to go to a training center on weekdays/weekends or they are too tired at the end of the day to learn something new. We should definitely do Time Management. People are successful because they manage their time . Check out an interesting article from Shri Aditya Puri

As per American financial magazine Barron, Mr Puri is one of the world's 30 best CEOs and one of his old time colleague says he would be the only person to leave the bank at 5.30 pm. If he being a CEO can manage his time why cant we ?

BTW have you ever thought why sin(theta)/cos(theta) = tan(theta)?? Find out because i never thought of finding that in school but found out now!!!

Happy Learning, its never too late to learn!!!

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