New Year Resolution

It's time for new year resolution, you might have done many resolutions like :

I am going to exercise.

I am going to quit smoking.

Reduce my credit card debt etc..

There are lot of things we shouldn't be doing and many we should be doing, but the reality sometime around february we start to backside.

What are the problems with sticking to resolutions?

How to overcome them?

Identifying 2 primary problems :

1.) Lack of Inner strength.

2.) Lack of Higher taste.

Inner Strength means we the person are really in control of our external being :

Our mind, our senses because if you are a slave to your senses your resolutions melts like an ice on a frying pan. By meditation, by studying books of wisdom you can develop your inner strength to control your mind and senses.

Higher Taste means you need to get something better for the things that you gave up like in India when you visit temples monkey stole things from you and try to eat them, that often quite didn't work but when you offer them fruits he gave them back. So cut back the quantity of food you eat try to be veggie and avoid junk food to get real higher taste.

To quit smoking or something satiate the inner craving with yoga by breathing exercise and become addicted to better things, addiction to your mantras its a higher taste.

How to get out of debt?

Learn to live within your means you have to get the taste of being SELF-SATISFIED.

It may not be easy by the experience of living by what you need is not by what you are brainwashed into wanting by consumers.

Awaken your Inner Strength and get a Higher Taste that's the way to stick to your Resolution.

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