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Open Space Marketplace: Mapping Trash Reduction

What are the issues, opportunities and obstacles to reducing trash accumulation?

One way to begin the conversation is to change how we view waste. Waste can become wealth. By shifting the definition of "trash", all parts of the system can view that item or items in a new light, changing the behavior of the person who has the opportunity to look at that item as something of worth, rather than as worthless.

Another view is to put thought into the product before it is even sold. With capitalistic pressure pushing us to consume and then dispose (without the step of reuse), we then create a system design of products of worthless. Products as seen as worthless before the item is even used: planned obsolesce.

A large part of this component is that we already have limited time and energy: there isn't the capacity to think about the system of the item, where it comes from and then where it goes after use. It becomes out-of-site, out-of-mind. The responsibility shifts from the user to cities and municipalities. When the responsibility moves away from the consumer and does not quantify the disposal at a high enough price point, behavior is less inspired towards change.





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