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Open Space Marketplace: Interdisciplinary Workplaces

At many workplaces, feeling dictate action. When you don't take enough appreciation and attention into the 'bank account' of the emotional workplace, eventually the soul of the organization will go bankrupt.

Unfortunately, a wide paradigm in American workplace is that 'feelings' have no place in business organizations. And yet, every organization is made up of people, not androids or robots. We bring feelings into the workplace even if the organization or those in the organization choose to acknowledge this truth.

These feelings, left un appreciated, tend to build and released in ways that are ineffective to the individual, the teams, departments, and the organizational as a whole.

We must first start from within and look at our own feelings, and then we can begin to look at the system and see how we fit into that system with others. This is the first step of viewing feelings through the lens of complex thought and systems thinking.

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