Lead with Love: Global Technology Conference - Interview with Susan

What You'll Hear

  • How mentorship accelerates success for leaders and their organizations
  • Why the path to high performance requires embracing (and sharing) your failures
  • The power of vulnerability to build connection and kickstart innovation
  • A critical mistake many organizations make to increase revenue (we are human)
  • 3 key steps for successful organizational change
  • The power of personal and shared vision to accelerate team performance
  • Why forcing participation is harming your output and increasing costs
  • 2 myths of successful leadership (start honouring your people)
  • Why team transformation depends on a leader’s personal transformation
  • How a focus on bottom-line first has created all the challenges you’re trying to avoid (seriously, people first will solve most of them)
  • The radical shift to increase productivity, number of customers, and market share (that most of us do really badly)
  • 3 big shifts for leaders to embrace in 2017 for more success and staying power


Take your own time to listen the audio, learn how to bring vulnerability, curiosity, humility, awareness and deep listening in your tool-kit as an agile coach. Also, get to hear the special message from Susan as she shares her keys for true transformation that increase customers, market share, and revenue.


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About Susan:

CEO, Temenos+Agility

susan-pro-pic.jpgWith over thirty years of experience in the tech industry — from developer to managementconsultant, and pioneering Agile Transformation coach and SAFe Consultant to Temenos Facilitator, and CEO of Temenos+Agility, Susan consistently seeks ways to bring authenticity and compassion to software and product delivery.

Susan works with Fortune 500 companies using Agile and Temenos to activate change and true cultural transformation. As a Temenos Facilitator, Susan also leads transformative 3-day labs that apply these same methodologies on a more personal level. She is a major contributor to Urban Campfire, G Day For Girls, and the STIA-Temenos Conference, as well as speaking at several organizational development conferences around the country. Her gentle insights are always perceptive and she has a knack for bringing together groups of seemingly incongruent teams.

Susan is a nomad who loves traveling and learning about new cultures by meeting people from all over the world. She enjoys modern art, and seeing live performances of all kinds, including theater, dance & music. And, let’s not forget movies and books!

P.S. Here's the invitation to Join me and my friends on this journey of seeking our true personal vision at The Temenos Effect Gathering, happening on April 2017 in Bengaluru India.

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