Introduction to Enterprise Agility [Introductory Webinar]

We had a lot of learning while presenting the webinar on “Introduction to Enterprise Agility”. The participants had some great questions and we enjoyed the back and forth. This is important to us and the best way we know how to share this with the community is in the narrative form.

The key points we presented are available to watch on this webinar recording:
1. Our recommendation to get started with Enterprise Agility has 10 aspects. You can learn about these on the webinar and also read then on our Agility webpage.
2. Career options for Enterprise Change Agents (SPC4) include Training, Consulting and Coaching.
3. Great Q&A with the participants.
I hope you enjoy the webinar recording and please do share your comments and thoughts with us at

If you want to engage with us face to face - we are conducting Free Workshop on Enterprise, Culture, Leadership, and Agility Transformation in Bengaluru, India on July 16th from 10am to 4pm.


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We will be back next week with more on this topic of “Temenos Influence Map” on Thu, July 14th from 9pm to 10pm IST.

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