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Intergenerational Open Space Catalyzing Big Change

Simple design principles, when working in tandem with passion and energy, can create fantastic results. An example of this occurred in this morning's Open Space session when a small group spontaneously formed in the hallway with a flipchart and the question, "How might Systems Thinking in Action for 2015 open itself to a full generational spectrum?" In other words, where are the youth, and how can we get them here?

A design team formed and a compelling image emerged: 50 in '15. By this time next year, fifty youth will comprise the STIA+ conference community. They'll be fully funded. And their experience will weave in age-specific, core systems learning with the community-wide experience. It's an ambitious goal, and it came from the confluence of passionate people gathered in the group, many of whom have youth experience, teenagers at home, and a background in education (or all three!)

What's exciting is how the thinking generated in the group has implications for the design and delivery of the conference as a whole. Stay tuned as the group presents its "prototype" vision to the community.

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