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[Webinar] Influence Maps Part 3 

We had a lot of learning while presenting the webinar on“Influence Maps: How to Articulate the Stories of our Transforming Leaders and Cultures”. The participants had some great questions and we enjoyed the back and forth. This is  important to us and the best way we know how to share this with the community is in the narrative form.

So we present you the second part "Influence Maps Part 3 : How to Articulate the Stories of our Transforming Leaders and Cultures". This part of the webinar clears most of the questions raised by the participants.This webinar goes thru the basics of Influence Mapping and provides a quick exercise for you to do your own Influence Map for sharing with your colleagues and friends.

Thanks to our webinar participants for their positive feedback.

From Namrata-Thanks Susan,  I loved the part of allow yourself to be surprised and how you shared is really simple and awesome.  I loved the pairing.

From Arindam-I liked the way both of you explained
Enriching to know your out look.

The points we presented are available to watch on this webinar recording:

  1. Influence Maps are simple tools to help us articulate the stories of our transforming leaders and cultures.
  2. We offer minimum guidance and keep the instructions simple. The 3 steps are Introspection, Visualization and Articulation.
  3. Our leaders and change agents share their stories and in doing so build containers of transformation, affection, trust, openness, humility and generosity. Leaders go first and set the model for trust in team.
  4. The Temenos Effect of telling these stories is a state of “Yugen” that a lot of participants have trouble articulating what happened here. They know it, they feel it, they can’t express it.

Watch Influence Map Part 2 Recording!

I hope you enjoy the webinar recording and please do share your comments and thoughts with us at siraj@visiontemenos.com

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