How to reallocate employees the right way with vision

People are curiously resistant to change. Even if we understand that change is an inevitable part of existence and acknowledge that sometimes change means progress, we still may be resistant to the idea.

While this is a natural enough phenomenon, it nonetheless poses problems when it comes to allocating an employee to a different project. The trouble is compounded by the fact that in the fast-moving digital-led pace which many organizations exist on, reallocation is more persistent than ever before. 

So, then, how do you implement this very necessary part of the organization’s day-to-day function even when faced with the very human aversion to change? Or rather, how would you implement it in such a way that it doesn’t demoralize the employee? Better still, how could you do it so that the employee would be motivated to perform better than ever before?

Here, we find answers.


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Reallocation of employees should pertain to a vision


Vision as inspiration

To get to the root of how to reallocate employees the right way, we need to look at what’s the spectrum of activities that would excite employees.

Obviously, the aforementioned spectrum of activities would change from one employee to the next. However, there is one fundamental aspect which acts as an inspiration for employees to perform better- regardless of which department in the organization they are in. And that aspect is the vision that the organization pursues.

An organization, by definition is made of people and on a functional level, there is always a leader to guide the entity. And it’s this leader who lends vision to the organization. It’s his or her True Personal Vision- one that could be found in their own self and nowhere else.

Realizing the True Personal Vision helps them define a destination towards which the organization should move. In other words, there is now a clear-cut direction for the organization. This in turn means stability and a more stable organization is always a reason for better employee performance.

However, the distractions of daily life means that your True Personal Vision lies buried in yourself, obscured from your view. Temenos Vision Lab or TVL is a unique session developed by Temenos+Agility that helps you realize your True Personal Vision. Developed based on 25 years of business consultancy experience, TVL uses proprietary tools, with some of the best leadership coaches in business to help you guide to your True Personal Vision.

Compelling shared vision as a source for reallocation

Another key objective of TVL is helping teams discover their Compelling Shared Vision. It’s the vision towards which the team members could move with unity. You may give them goals or targets for the same but whereas these are imposed from the outside, the Compelling Shared Vision is born from among the team members. And as with anything that’s born from within you, there’s a stronger motivation to follow it through.

The discovery or realisation of Compelling Shared Vision is preceded by various steps. Among these is one in which the the change agents share their deepest strengths and highest aspirations with others. This gives you a better idea of what roles- or spectrum of actions- each that would resonate with each employee. And that’s the kind of information which would be useful when it’s time to reallocate employees.




Also, you could ensure that a reallocation pertains to the bigger goal of the Compelling Shared Vision, which ensures that the the motivation factor never fades in the employees’ mind. Then, there is the even bigger umbrella of the leader’s vision under which the Compelling Shared Vision falls. As mentioned before, True Personal Vision adds another layer of reason for the employees’ improved performance.

This means that you get the assurance of the twin visions- one that’s born from an individual soul and another from the collective soul- to keep the performance levels high. More than that, the twin ideals of True Personal Vision and Compelling Personal Vision help you relocate employees in such a manner that the right person finds the right role to play, and that the role in turn contributes to the progress of the organization.

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