Here And Now

This refers to the organization’s ability to be present in the here and now. The ‘here’ in this case refers to space and ‘now’ refers to time. Now, let’s explore these two components deeply.

A change agent enters a collective with the intention to bring about some change. By consciously adopting the “here and now” approach the change agent creates a container around the person s/he is interacting with. (This interaction could be with an individual or a group, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s assume it’s with an individual). Now, the two of you exist within this container, and you begin to think about the space that exists between you- both literal and psychological. In any sort of interaction, there exists an extent of space in which the two of you could interact without issues, an area into which the change agents could expand their ideas. However, there also exists a boundary, stepping beyond which without invitation would attract only hurt. This is called the unsafe space.

To cross that boundary and explore the unsafe realm could sometimes yield positive results though. Indeed, there might be circumstances in which you could only talk about or explore certain pivotal subject matters by breaching into the unsafe space. This means, you need a strategy to do it without hurting either of you. This strategy is called ‘alliance.’

Whether it be work or family or anything else, be in the “here and now”

Alliance is  not an easy strategy though, because it demands work. Just as it takes effort to establish a relationship with anyone, it takes work into enter into an alliance with the other person. And how do you do that? By being completely transparent with each other. As anyone who has lived with a life partner would vouch, that’s something easier said than done.

But in the organizational context, entering into an alliance with the person you are coaching or leading could yield beautiful results. With alliance, you don’t just have the liberty to enter the unsafe space, but you are now also free to express both surprise and disappointment with each other, and openly say that if the relationship doesn’t have a common vision, it lacks a future. Such explorations, as you may imagine, could lead to a more enriched container. For you are discovering and solving problems together, and appreciating the better qualities in each other at the same time.

The idea of entering into an alliance is so powerful that some change agents don’t get into  coaching/leading mode with anyone without establishing alliance first.

Now that we have seen how to navigate the aspect of space(here) in the “here and now” let’s look at the second element- time.

Pertaining to the element of time, any container has three components- the past, present and the future. While the conventional view is that any given moment is comprised of what we call “the present” the fact is different if you look closer.

An example of the component of past existing in a container goes as follows: You, the change agent, enters the container expecting to meet Mr.X. You have a certain expectation of how X would be and how he would behave. This expectation is based on either your previous interactions or a mental picture you have built based on other sources. Either way, the expectations are built at a moment or moments that lie at a time before your actual interaction with Mr.X. In other words, it was built in the past. But when you eventually meet Mr.X, you see that he is different from how you expected. The bridge between the past expectations and what’s in the present makes you feel surprised. And the ring of surprise is a reminder that the past is at play in the present.

From start of life to each progression, “here and now” is an approach that’s very much linked to daily reality

The second component- the present- is whatever is happening in the interaction.

As for the future, it’s what you and Mr.X plan during the interaction. It’s a possible future- for the plan may or may not get enacted. But the stronger the alliance between the two and the vision they share, the more chance that the future they envision would turn a reality.

As a change agent then, the onus is on you to let go of the past, and leave the future for later on, and focus exclusively on the present. Be alive to yourself and your container and other members in it in the present moment. If you are, in this way, in the “here and now” a new force emerges- one called “daggers.” And that’s a force powerful enough to carry you to the moment of transformation- the moment you as the change agent perhaps seeks the most.

A delightful example of someone so utterly, throrougly in the “here and now” is to be found in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.’ Though children’s literature is easily dismissed by adults as know, children’s literature, the fact is that some of the most enlightening characters and profound life lessons are to be found in the tales we read to our sons and daughters.

In the case of Alice, we find the paradoxical character of a girl who enters the rabbit hole in a whim but once she is in there, she is alive to every current moment. With thoughts of past and future hardly disturbing her consciousness, she drifts. Whether it be interacting with Humpty and Dumpty, or wondering at the magic of shrinking and enlarging her body, or attending the Mad Hatter’s tea party, or fighting the villainous Queen of Hearts, our brave Alice is very much in the “here and now.” She explores spaces safe and unsafe, she brings about tremendous changes in the container she enters- to the delight of the good folks there- and her absorption in each and every proceeding in the adventure is so complete, that she simply doesn’t have the time to think about anything other than the present.

In other words, little Alice rocked big time.

And if you were to trust in Carroll’s classic tale as an adult, or better still, in the approach of “here and now,” you could too!

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