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Grace is the ability of an archetype to carry out the transformation of a container in an inclusive manner, ensuring that personal ego doesn’t foil the transformation. Grace is an especially useful dynamic when an archetype expresses another dynamic- courage.

While courage enables the change agent to step out of his/her comfort zone to herald great changes to the organization, it could lead to self sabotage if the change agent gets carried away by the force of their genius, thinking themselves to be more important than the organizational transformation. But a change agent could only be successful if, along with courage, they also remain open and graceful.

Put another way, grace forms an effective counterbalance to courage’s corrupting aspects.

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If transformation is a book, grace is ensuring everyone has a chapter in it

The word that’s perhaps the most synonymous with grace is inclusiveness. An excellent example of such grace is seen in the legendary King Arthur.

According to legend, King Arthur spearheaded the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders during the late fifth and early sixth centuries AD. But aside from his prowess as a warrior and leader, King Arthur is also known for something else- the Round Table.

The Round Table refers to the table around which the King and his knights congregated, to discuss battle strategies. Being a round table, it didn’t have a head per se. The symbolic meaning was that everyone who sat at the table enjoyed equal status.

Every knight’s opinions were valued and their concerns were addressed. Before going into battle, it was ensured that the whole team- and not just the king, thought their battle plan was sound.

This is significant for multiple reasons.

For one thing, by all accounts, King Arthur was an extremely valiant and intelligent leader. He could have easily devised plans on his own and asked the knights and others to simply follow his orders. But the graceful leader that he was, he kept his genius subservient to the cause of the whole.

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Grace, more than anything, is a heartful dynamic

Another fact is that the typical proceedings at that time was for kings and emperors to sit at the head of a table, signifying their superiority, placing their own ego to be above that of the others. Given this backdrop, Arthur’s introduction of the Round Table was a daring break from conventions.

King Arthur’s grace also has resonance in the modern world, as the Briton King’s Round Table could be seen as a precursor to democracy.

King Arthur’s stories are steeped more in legends than history. But the grace displayed by the legend and the inclusiveness he brought to the table(literally) are nothing short of inspiring.

As you contemplate the beauty that grace lends to transformation, you could also read about the dynamic of courage, which would make a great complementary read.

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