Enterprise Agile and Leadership Transformation Stories - workshop at #SGBLR

We had a blast at #sgblr with this workshop.
We hope you enjoy this video and please send us your comments and thoughts with us at siraj@visiontemenos.com.

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#SGBLR Siraj speech part_1

#SGBLR Siraj speech part_2

#SGBLR Siraj speech part_3

#SGBLR Siraj speech part_4

#SGBLR Siraj speech part_5

Enterprise Agile Transformation initiatives are BIG.Change at this scale of thousands is tough.The Leaders, Executives and Internal Change Agents involved in these initiatives are going through their own personal transformation.Change at this scale of one is equally tough.These are their stories of personal growth and individuation. We will hear how transformation at a personal level is the leverage for transformation at a collective level.

We will also learn of unique methods that activate personal transformation for leaders and change agents who are ready to step into their leader/change agent persona but are unable to get that from the current leadership offerings available in their context

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