Exploring nuances of better performance in organizations

One of the well known aspects of musical performances is the ‘pitch.’ The frequencies- high or low- of the sounds that make up a piece of music. The better instrumentalist or vocalist would explore the pitches along the ascending and descending path of the spectrum. A high pitch would have a singer soaring towards a great height, sometimes seeking to hit the highest note in the composition.



The more an organization betters its performance, the bigger the fish it would be swimming along  

Seeking for the higher notes

This sort of seeking is more common in improvisational pieces in which the vocalist has the freedom to exercise his or her vocals without the restraints of rigid compositions coming into play- at least, not throughout the piece. But even the improvisations take place within the framework of a composition. Once the free improvisations are over, the singer steers the song back to a series of pre-written notes, maybe the key motif of the song.

Another thing of interest is that while hitting a high note is considered a literal apotheosis in music making, such ascensions wouldn’t have any melodic impact of note if it is not supported by other notes that came before it, and maybe come after it to buttress its effect. These other notes would invariably includes notes of lower frequencies as well. Further, these notes should be arranged in a manner pleasing to the ear for the high note to have the maximum impact.

Now, there are … key takeaways from this:

The more your explore the pitches, the better you become.

You need a composition- a framework- within which to explore the pitches.

Seeking for the high note is a thrilling aspect. But for even the highest notes to resonate well, the lower frequency notes that went before and which would come after should also be arranged well. 

Exploration- a necessity for improved performance

What parallels could we draw between the above-mentioned and the functioning of an organization?

Before that question is answered, let’s look at a basic aspect relating to organizations. It’s that organizations- or rather the change agents- need challenges if they are to raise the bar for meaningful productivity. A workforce poised to tackle challenges is the greatest force of innovation and one of the best competitive advantages the organization may have.

Now, getting back to the question, one of the key parallels that can be drawn is that in organizations, the change agents should be able to explore the whole spectrum of ‘pitches’ related to their work to become thorough professionals. In other words, exploring different modes of working- and the nuances of the work itself- should be a priority.

And this sort of exploration is indeed a challenge that would help the workforce rise above their current state of expertise.

A related parallel that can be drawn is that once the change agent has explored the whole spectrum of pitches, he or she could then have a wider pool of strategies or methods to apply according to the demands of a task. In other words, they are now a smarter workforce.

Now, the composition or framework element is what’s missing.

What provides the framework within which a change agent could explore the whole spectrum of models and methods related to their work? After all, an unbridled exploration- though preferable- may not be practical when there are inevitable commercial concerns for any organization.

So, the question of a framework becomes even more important.

True Personal Vision as the essential framework



True Personal Vision is the vision that resides in your self and which could be found nowhere else. Unique and formidable, this vision acts as a destination you could guide your team or organization towards.

This forms the framework within which the change agents could explore their job thoroughly. The ever-increasing expertise that such an exploration would bring in its wake could be fruitfully directed towards manifesting the leader’s true personal vision.

The improvisational phases that spurs the creative instinct cold then be a safe part of the larger journey- which is towards the True Personal Vision.

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