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Enterprise Agility and Leadership Transformation Stories - Introductory Webinar

We had a lot of fun and learning presenting this introductory webinar. The topic of Enterprise Agile and Leadership Transformation is important to us and the best way we know how to share this with the community is in the narrative form. So, welcome to our webinar Enterprise Agile and Leadership Transformation Stories!

The key points we present in this webinar are

  1. Every leader goes thru an arc of personal transformation and we are there to receive them as they go through their journey of personal growth.
  2. We observe that yugen best describes the state of these leaders as they come out of their life’s defining moment. 
  3. They are now humble and in a supplication relationship to their environment and see the enterprise agile initiative as an opportunity to further their desire for personal mastery.
  4. So enterprise agile transformation and personal leadership transformation become vital for and interdependent on each other.
  5. The Temenos way is Approaching the Transforming Enterprise to enable the Enterprise to EAT Agile.

I hope you enjoy the webinar recording and please do share your comments and thoughts with us at siraj@visiontemenos.com


If you want to engage with us face to face - we are also presenting this topic at the Scrum Gathering Bengaluru India 2016 (#SGBLR) on Monday June 27th at 4pm.

We will be back next week with more on this topic of Approaching the Transforming Enterprise to enable the Enterprise to EAT Agile. Please join us for the second webinar in this series on Wednesday June 15th at 12 pm EST / 930 pm IST.

Article originally concieved and written by Siraj Sirajuddin & Susan Gibson.

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