The New New Offshore Development Game

The New New Offshore Development Game: Taking India’s Offshore Advantage to the Next Level with SAFe®.

India has won the offshore development game by numbers. The offshore advantage is firmly with Indian software services players.

How will India continue to win this game? How are the leading Indian software services companies going to provide Enterprise Agility advantage to their clients? How are they transforming themselves to enable their clients transformation? How are the GICs (Captives) adopting Scaled Agile to match the “Motherships”?

In this powerful keynote presentation we look at where the leading edge is for these offshore scaled agile service providers. We will hear stories of transformation and the challenges of adopting Scaled Agile.

siraj-pro-pic.jpgSiraj Sirajuddin (Temenos Founder)

Siraj Sirajuddin (SIRAJ), SPCT4, MBA - has been working with very large offshore scaled agile engagements since 2012. He has been in the Indian offshore development advisory business since 1992. He is India’s first SAFe Program Consultant & Trainer (SPCT4) and his consulting firm, Temenos+Agility, is India’s leading provider of Scaled Agile training, consulting and advisory for offshore vendors and GICs (Captives). He travels between India and USA every month leading several large onshore / offshore client engagements and training workshops. Siraj has trained more than 200+ SPCs in India and several thousand scaled agile professionals all over the world. He is the Founder of The Temenos Effect and hosts the annual Temenos Effect Gatherings in Bengaluru India and Boston USA.


Please find the Slide-deck for 'The New New Offshore Development Game' Presentation

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