In an ocean of distractions, how to keep sailing in the right direction, without losing focus? In a world where things move at the speed of ‘too fast per second’, when you must  keep running or get left behind, how to ensure thoughts that flood from all directions don’t drown your vision? These are questions everyone grapples with in the twenty first century



The solution is to develop discernment.According to Temenos, discernment is about learning to rule your mind through the process of distilling thoughts that are a Distraction and Fantasy which lead you to discover your True Personal Vision.

Discernment helps a change agent to stay focused on your vision by removing fantasies and distraction from your life. Developing discernment in humans is raising the fundamental quality of life.

The archetype who is working in an organization, after going through the tools of Temenos, would generate an ability to control the mind and judge what's happening with them at that particular time.


Discernment is only cultivated in a mind that yearns to discard its fantasy, that is living with life as it is and that is adhering to a Greater Power that includes what is seen and transcends what is seen as well.

Discernment is not asking the right questions or having the right checklist. It is the ability to restrain yourself until the moment of action is called for, however long that may be. If you are without fantasy about yourself, then you will be without fantasy about others.

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Discernment, then, is the product of a great development. This great development must occur for discernment to have a real foundation and to be truly effective in life. The great development is called The Way of Knowledge. Here you regain the True Mind and with it, the true life with a positive vision.

Discernment teaches the path of stillness. This produces the necessary condition of growth mindset of Knowledge, facilitating positive goals.

Developing discernment is developing conscious discernment. It is shaking off the clouds that cover your vision and make it difficult for you to think clearly. It is like coming out of a coma.

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If you are keen to learn The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, then discernment is  required.

Life will bring many challenges your way. Instead of seeing them as an obstacle, discernment would help you see the challenge as an opportunity to transform yourself, to turn better and stronger.

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