Talking about the Words “O.D.”
Telling you what they mean to me
Structure, Function, Roles and Mo’
Coaching, Leading, Testing Scores
“O.D.”, “O.B.”, “I.O.” for “Flow”
Glass Ceilings No ~ then a new status quo

Hawthorne, Goleman, Blau & Taylor
Etzioni, Skinner, Parsons, Weber,
Ulrich, Roberts, Whyte, McGregor,
Howard, Peters, Gladwell, and Peter
Senge - quoting Ken Blanchard
Makes you seem quite friendly

Communication, Socialization, Initiation,
Preparation, Validation, Compensation, Unionization, Facilitation, Democratization,
And then - that Vision-ing Thing

Profiling, Siting, Teaching, Counseling,
Role-Playing, Learning, Training, Phasing,
Reward-Monitoring and Symbolic Learning.
Authority, Power, Performance Improvement,
“Learning” Organizations and the
Human Potential Movement.

Planning, Spanning, Mapping & Tracking,
Selection, Reflection, Deflection, Introspection
Elephants Dance, and Pigs Can’t Fly
Driving the Tiger and we know why:
“The structure’s not right –
3 Major Processes are awry.”

Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Conciliation,
Arbitration - Finding “Win-Wins”, It’s True
But - it - just – won’t - hold - a – candle – to:

Shrinking the Force, getting it right
Layoffs hurt deep in the night
Some one to listen, someone to tell
Walk out, Work Out, Talk Out, Hell!!

Downsizing, Right Sizing, making it through,
“Cutting Fat to the Bone”,
Then it comes to you:
To estimate, to simulate, to promulgate,
To critically evaluate, to identify, to clarify,
But never, ever, to reify.
Missions, Visions and Revelations,
AHAH’s and insights across the nations.

Dilbert knows what’s it all about -
Sometimes we smile - when we ought to shout.
Compliance, reliance,
Turning defiance into alliance.
Change ain’t easy – and who knows it best Redefine, reassess,
Reach new peaks when you’re at your best.
We love our work -- bloody little time to rest.

Bringing value to lives, stakeholders too,
Balance to Life, and Cultures that Work,
That’s just what we do
Truth in the credo – “Times are a changin’”
Find the right intervention
While the FADS keep on ragin’

R.I.F., E.S.T., N.L.P., C.C.L., EAP,

“Fast Company”,
Companies don’t learn – People do,

The ability to traverse water
With grace, speed, panache and aplomb
Requires knowing where the stones are.

Noble profession, occupational obsession.

© Dec. 7, 2003 , Sadinsky & Partners, Intl.
Reprinting with permission
Matt Sadinsky (704 641-4417)

Image credit: Cheryl Johnson | More Info

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