Creating the Container

Temenos (n): a sacred space, a sheltered space, a place where one can search, quest, journey, examine, and re-examine.

STIA + Temenos Seattle is bubbling with energy and new connections as the conference presenters co-weave the container of learning and discovery. As presenters share their intentions for the experience, it's clear that the Temenos approach is an extraordinary way to build a conference. As one presenter shared, there's a strong desire in the room to "transcend the polarity of speaking and listening" - to co-create a learning community that is emergent and draws from all the hearts and minds present. People are eager to bridge thinking and action, to spark creativity and to allow the conference to take on a life of its own. As the presenters engage with the work of self-organizing the structure of the next two days, "The stage is being set to make a difference!"

Themes emerging and converging in the co-creative design process:

Co-creation - Listening - Weaving - Community - Welcome - Voice - Purpose -Emergence - Fun - Joy - Resonance - Questions -Play - Experimentation - Curiosity - Systems - Resilience

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