Creating Collective Ownership Through a Compelling Shared Vision

Surprisingly, not all enterprises have a vision. And, when you’re talking about delivering products & services at scale, not having a vision, or, worse yet, having one that no one knows or believes in, results in chaos, which leads to confusion in the market and ultimately losing customers.

Outline/structure of the Session

I. A little bit about Susan

II. How do you get from personal vision to a compelling shared vision?

III. Sharing stories of compelling shared visions & how they made a difference

IV. Experiencing it for yourself

Learning Outcome
I. Learn the technique for exploring your past, present and future to create your personal vision

II. Learn how to apply this technique in the Enterprise

III. Experience the technique as a change agent



Susan Gibson (Co-Founder, Temenos+Agility)

Susan Gibson, has worked with 1000’s of change agents to create personal visions, that are then turned into compelling shared visions for their teams, divisions, and institutions. When individuals see themselves in the vision, that’s when collective ownership begins. Susan will share stories of how these compelling shared visions gave the enterprises she’s worked with the focus they needed to truly engage their employees and delight their customers.



Please find the Slide-deck for 'Creating Collective Ownership Through a Compelling Shared Vision' Presentation
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