Community at the Speed of Conversation

Just before we took a break for dinner, Siraj said, "bring your running shoes to the evening session." Glad he gave us the heads up. We've just concluded our first day of STIA 2014 with "Speed Temenos." It's a little like speed dating, for systems thinkers. Every temenos is a loose container where just the right amount of structure is introduced to the group to allow for emergence... some might call it magic. All day today the community has been hard at work, weaving together the next two days of speakers and presentations and PechaKucha talks. Unlike most conferences we are used to, STIA is shaped by a community in real time. It can be hard work--rather than just getting a conference schedule, the weekend's presenters had to come up with a meaningful schedule themselves. Speed Temenos is a fitting end to the day.

What do you love? What do you fear? These aren't the sort of questions we get asked in our daily lives, but tonight we capped off the first day of STIA by having conversations about what truly matters to each of us. The evening concluded, and slowly the room began to empty, leaving behind quiet clusters of people in reflective conversation, laughter, and an indefinable sense that something wonderful had just been born.

More to come!

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