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Cincinnati's ecosystem for change

How might we collaboratively harness the power of systems thinking for change? Victor Garcia, Brian Hill, Daniel Klemens, and Liam Ream revealed the ecosystem they've created to transform the urban core of Cincinnati. Using a systems thinking lens, they connect their fields of practice to address the ravages of inequality in the city they call home. Working interdependently in the fields of medicine, ministry, urban agriculture, and architecture to address the injustices of poverty.

Emerging from a deep fire for social justice, Dr. Victor Garcia, of Core Change Cincinnati, seeks to transform the most challenging urban neighborhoods into learning communities to address inequality and eradicate poverty.

Daniel Klemens took a radical detour in his life to become Chief Marketing Officer of Waterfields LLC, a social venture catalyzing wealth creation in the urban core. He says "We're all holding the cards for change. We just need to play them."

Brian Hill from the Cincinnati Dream Center shared his "24/7 mission of love." The Dream Center is an outreach ministry that "reaches thousands caught up in homelessness, poverty, drugs, alcoholism, abuse, and helplessness." By walking alongside people through their challenges, Brian's community seeks to help people repair their lives

Liam Ream from the University of Cincinnati Co-op for Causes Studio gathers students from applicable majors into co-op term studios dedicated to research and design for non-profit partner missions.

Together, they represent an incredibly diverse ecosystem bringing heart, hands, and minds to bear on the root causes of urban poverty. They invite anyone to get involved in Cincinnati and to discover the gifts we can bring to our most wicked social problems. As Daniel says: "If we can come together and collaborate, limits become non-existent."

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