Beyond SAFe - The Leading SAFe course

Is the Leading SAFe course for you?

What do you gain by taking this course?

Individuals asking these questions may be from different backgrounds, currently grappling with different problems and situations and have different span of influence in their respective organizations. However, what is common in all of them is the recognition of the need to explore further to find a solution to their problems. What is implicit in this recognition is the acceptance of the fact that they don’t know everything, cannot rely on serendipity to solve their problems and need to learn new things that can be applied to improve their current situation.

SAFe for Learning

SAFe is based on many concepts, namely, Systems Thinking, Lean Product Development, the Agile Manifesto and the Lean Startup. The framework is a collection of practices that are based on proven principles from these concepts.

The Leading SAFe course introduces all these concepts and walks participants through the SAFe principles and practices that are derived from these concepts. Each concept is shared through numerous case studies, excerpts from several books and seminal works of gurus from different fields.

The participant not only get an orientation on SAFe for their SAFe implementation journey, they are also exposed to these four concepts with enough information to help them discern if any of them needs to be explored further for their context.

This, I believe is the power of the course – each participant can start their life-long learner’s journey by tapping into the references and the reading materials shared, explore, discard or accept proven ideas for their unique context and create their own learning iterations!

So, start your life-long learning journey through the Leading SAFe training!

SAFe for Leading

It is a well-recognized fact that an enterprise transformation cannot be successful without the commitment of its leadership. How will leaders commit to an Enterprise-wide adoption of Agile methodology (SAFe or any other scaling framework) without understanding the methodology and what it means to them? How will leaders know what they really need to DO to transform successfully? A lot of this gap is bridged by external consultant. External expertise is used throughout a transformation to help organization to cope with the change. However, only internal teams and change agents can make the new way-of-working sustainable in the organization. SAFe recognizes this and devotes the Leading SAFe training for the leaders to understand the framework, discover what it means for them and their organization and guide them through what they must do to lead the change. And the learnings are applicable irrespective of the framework you eventually choose.

So, understand your role and what you must do to lead your organization through its transformation by taking the Leading SAFe training!

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