Become a Lean Agile Leader


Lean Agile Leaders need to exhibit the Lean Agile Mindset. This involves a combination of skill building and mindset rewiring. SAFe literature gives a good overview of the actions a Lean Agile leader needs to take.

But how does a leader reach the stage where these actions come naturally to her?

She can start her day with this checklist:

  • What steps will I take today to keep my team motivated/ to motivate my team?
  • What steps will I take today to enhance the technical and soft skills of my team?
  • Have I set aside some time for my learning?
  • How will I interact with and educate my senior management today?

Answering and planning for each of these questions can help her practice being a Lean Agile Leader. Practice makes a man (and a woman) perfect!

It is also important that, at the end of the day, to set aside some time  to reflect on the day’s learnings.

  • How did I apply systems thinking as an input to my decisions today?
  • Did I help my team by removing demotivating factors and impediments?
  • Did I improve today?
  • What did I learn about myself today?
    • Do I delegate sufficiently and no more?
    • Do I admit my mistakes?
    • Is my team in a safe environment where they can dare and fail too?

How will she know if she is on the right track? This is a very difficult question to answer. Objective self assessment and continued commitment to changing oneself lies at the core of making progress on this path.

So when are you starting your journey on the Lean Agile Leader’s path?

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