One of the most beautiful dynamics, attunement is the ability of an archetype to glean the contents of the other person’s mind. This involves a thorough exploration of the latter mind, and learning the distinct elements in it- what they have to offer to a transformation process or functioning of the organization. The archetype would then offer one’s own abilities to help the other person in his or her quest.

Talking about quests, an excellent manifestation of attunement is seen in the character Samwise Gamgee in JRR Tolkien’s towering masterpiece- “The Lord Of The Rings.”

The book tells the epic quest undertaken by Frodo Baggins to destroy a very dangerous artefact- in the form of a ring. Arguably the most powerful weapon in the world, the ring corrupts and degrades whoever possesses it into a bestial being. The dark forces are after it, and Frodo must bring it to Mount Doom- the boiling lava of which alone can annihilate the ring. It’s a classic hero's journey narrative.

The quest is perilous, to say the least. And there is also the catch that Frodo himself could get corrupted- or worse- under the influence of the ring in his journey. This is where Samwise Gamgee enters the picture. Appointed as Frodo’s companion, Samwise accompanies his friend as if the quest were his own.

DSC_4594-2Without attunement, the other person’s mind would be hard to decipher

Some of the most powerful passages in the tale involves Samwise understanding the weakening state of Frodo’s mind, and providing him with emotional and moral support. Indeed, he goes beyond this and fights many evils alongside Frodo, but for our topic, what’s significant is how time and again, Samwise understands thoroughly what’s in Frodo’s mind.

In fact, there are times when Samwise gains this understanding even without Frodo uttering a word. From the look in his eyes, or an expression on his face, or connecting Frodo’s actions with their external circumstances, Samwise understands his friend’s mind and offers his skills to bolster Frodo’s strength. And when Frodo’s mind slips or gets weakened, he provides his friend with words of strength. 

A fascinating aspect of Samwise Gamgee is that he displays the ability to understand the contents of Frodo’s mind right from the start of their quest. It’s an uncanny ability, one which might even be called instinctual.

This same ability is seen in many change agents in organizations.

DSC_4975 (1)

Attunement- seeing, and learning what’s in the other’s mind

Change agents display this ability in varying ranges, but the best of them seem to have a knack, or an instinctual insight into the process of looking into the other’s mind. As said before, learning what’s in a mind is only half of it- what makes a change agent successful, is in offering their abilities to boost what’s in the other’s mind, or to complement what’s missing.

Incidentally, something that Carl Gustav Jung said in one of his lectures is tangentially relevant to this phenomenon. Jung mentions how the western- or modern mind, when it sees a shoe, a dead fish and an old box washing ashore on a beach, thinks it’s just coincidence. But a mind from a different culture may instinctively think about the significance of these three objects coming together like that. What are the odds?

When a person with perfect attunement to someone comes in to the team, the feeling evoked in the latter is gratitude. It makes the latter feel that something more than mere chance brought these two people together- someone who can see the mind of the other and the latter who could benefit from that person.  

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