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Atrophy is the state approaching which the archetype should ideally exit the container. Almost all change agents- regardless of the arena in which they function- know that atrophy is an inevitable personal condition they should face at some point.What’s interesting is that atrophy is in the making even as the change agent is being effective, functioning perfectly in his or her chosen domain. For alongside the smooth functioning, they also get injected by the pressures and minor calamities of the outside world. The most one could do is ward off these as best one could, but there are always chinks in our armors through which the negatives of the external world seep in, like water getting in through cracks in concrete. After all, even the best change agents are only human.

Another factor which leads one to the point of atrophy over time could be the archetype’s mode of self sabotage. Arrogance born of ego, overconfidence without the backing of skills and knowledge, putting personal gains over that of the organization- all these could be signs of a self-saboteur.

However, most chang agents- keeping an objective distance with themselves- know when it’s time they exited the container.

Put like that, it may sound like the end game. But it isn’t. For exiting a container is no inhibition for entering another. Atrophy on one level doesn’t mean there are no more avenues, skills, or containers left to explore.

Music, books,travel...atrophy in one arena is just a stepping stone to something else- something big that you love

In fact, different archetypes behave differently when faced with atrophy.

Influencers, for instance understand that the limits have reached, and they simply accept the state of atrophy as reality. Meanwhile, nomads- the ones who constantly step out of comfort zones either intellectually or physically to explore new arenas- simply move on to the next facet of their exploration. Anomalies- those who stretch the limits of organizational transformation- typically quieten down upon encountering atrophy. As for pioneers- those who lead a team in the exploration of a new business or cultural terrain- they go ahead and blaze another, brand new trail.

To reiterate, the story for a change agent is far from over with atrophy. It’s just an indicator that the next episode in the archetype’s journey is about to begin.

That’s most certainly what’s happened in the case of Sir Daniel Day Lewis- an excellent example of an individual recognising atrophy and exiting the container. D Day Lewis, as he is known to his millions of fans around the world, is a British theatre and film actor. He is one of the leading proponents of ‘method acting’- in which the actor inhabits the mind and soul of the character he or she plays in advance, living in the same circumstances as the character, following his/her daily  routine, sometimes for months on end, as part of preparing for the role.

Atrophy within a container might be a near state of chaos, from which one should exit

Thankfully for the audience, Lewis’ method acting techniques have yielded significant results both on stage and the silver screen, earning the actor the best actor Oscar thrice, and getting nominated for the same six times.

Considered as one of the greatest thespians to have ever graced the screen, the characters he portrayed range from a man with cerebral palsy(“My Left Foot”-1989) to a wealth hungry entrepreneur (“There Will Be Blood”-2007) and Abraham Lincoln (“Lincoln”-2012). Regardless of the type of roles, he excelled in them. The consistency of his excellence is as enthralling as his individual performances. He was a change agent who shook the container of performance arts to the core, inspiring a multitude of actors in the process.

And then, after a five year gap in films, Daniel Day Lewis announced that 2017’s “Phantom Thread” was to be his last film as an actor. According to Lewis, his final film made him overwhelmed with sadness. In his own words, he is now ready to explore the world in a different manner than acting. The pioneer seems ready to blaze a new trail.

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