Alchemy without misbeliefs-The quest for a ‘success element’ in organizations

Chemical concoctions are all about the ingredients that come into the mix. While the volume of each ingredient is important- so much so that flipping the volumes of two ingredients could change the entire nature of a concoction, the most important thing is to find out the group of elements that would give the desired effect.

This gives the endeavour the aura of a quest- an adventure in search of an elusive element that would complete the picture.


Discovering the success element opens up a new world for the organization

The challenges in ‘successful alchemy’

The analogies that you could use are many- ranging from puzzle solving to a ride in the city where with every new turn, you hope that you would come upon the element that you are seeking.

A little like looking for a particular piece of clothing that you have in mind. You know what kinds of shops you could expect to find such an attire in.

So, you explore the city- or part of the city- with that in mind. Following a mental trail of shops and malls which you have laid out in the quest.

That’s certainly a fun analogy to use. Something which almost makes it sound like the quest for an elusive element is an entertaining endeavor.

But the truth, of course, is a little different. Though there’s a fair amount of logical application and creativity involved to make the endeavor interesting if not fun, stumbling blocks are all too common in such situations. So much so that sometimes, progress seems like a chimera which we are chasing like fools. This, needless to say, could be maddening.

The only way to come out of this potentially long maddening stretch in which you repeatedly try one element after another in the hope that it’d be the right one and fail is to, well, just keep on trying.

In real world scenarios, you obviously don’t get the leeway to continue different elements for as long as you want until you strike upon the right one. Sure, a certain amount of time would be available for this- indeed, that’s what the whole project is about- finding the right element for the mix.

But the ever-present reality of a deadline is something that people who are involved in such projects grapple with. This means a limited number of tries. And that adds pressure to the team. 

The quest for a key ‘element’ in organizations

The search for an element to create the right chemical concoction is an analogy that could be used for business organizations in general.

For all organizations are in search for that particular ‘element’ which would give them a unique advantage over their competition- not just in the short run but for the long term. A particular discovery or invention may indeed bring a major advantage that could tip the scenario in your favor. 

But that’s not the ‘element’ that you are looking for here. What you are seeking is to be found only within yourself. What you are looking for is your True Personal Vision

True Personal Vision- the key element



True Personal Vision is the vision that resides in your self and which could be found nowhere else. Unique and formidable, this vision acts as a destination you could guide your team or organization towards. 

This vision being unique to you, it gives you a special advantage over your competition in the long run. It’s rooted not just in your aspirations but also skills and your whole mental makeup. It is as rooted in you as a person as a decades old old banyan is rooted in the earth. 

This gives it a singular nature that’s quite inimitable. And it is this property of inimitability which makes it such a powerful springboard for the organization’s future growth.

It’s the one thing the pursuit for which would form the basis for all strategies and projects, giving the organization a fresh, new direction, one that takes you on a path of higher prosperity. The missing element that brings both short term and long term benefits. 

Due to the myriad distractions of everyday living, True Personal Vision- though a fragment of your self- lies buried in your mind, obscured from your own view.

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