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Activation refers to the process by which the inner archetype of a person comes alive during Organizational Transformation. The organization and the individuals are always transforming and bringing to life their true visions.To better understand the fine nuances of this phenomenon, it is important to understand first the difference between an archetype and a persona.

Simply put, a persona is the external character of an individual- one by which others know him/her. For instance, someone might have a loud extrovert persona, which is how those who know the person have come to define them.

Archetype, on the other hand is a deeper facet. It lies dormant in the person most of the time, surfacing only on occasions. An external stimulus could spur this awakening process. An organizational transformation- with the typically high energy ambience and meaningful challenges it brings in its wake- could act as the stimulus.

gggActivation makes the archetype come to bloom

Activation is a beautiful process to experience, and to witness. For it is one of those rare instances which reveals the true potential of a person in all its fullness.

We all have an inner fire of transformational potential. Activation is like the kindling of this fire. It enables us to glow like a bright flame in the dark, inspired by the activities related to the transformation, and in turn inspire our peers in the process.

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Activation of an individual could inspire the whole team

One fascinating aspect of activation is that often, the organizational transformation acts as an excuse for the individual archetype to surface and bolster the transformation process: It’s a feedback mechanism of the highest quality.

Interestingly enough, activation of a faculty- mental or physical- is necessary if you are to effectively perform tasks to attain any goal. In this context, you could say that Activation of a change agent in the organization is the precursor to progress - which is activating the next organizational archetype that wants to come alive and express its life force.

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