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2020: The State of Agility - Realize the power of the feminine

#Agile2016  #TemenosAtAgile2016 

Susan Gibson, co-founder of Temenos+Agility, had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion with Jann Thomas, Ellen Grove and Sue Johnston at Agile2016 in Atlanta, GA, this week. The room was packed and the engagement was high!
Susan kicked off this topic by introducing herself as a global nomad traveller.

 Realize the power of the feminine

I've spent my entire career in Tech, always working with large enterprises. And, I would say my entire career has been about transformations - first as a developer for 15 years, then management consulting for 10, then large-scale agile transformations since then. And, I've been watching who shows up for these transformations. I mean really shows up.

What I've observed is regardless of your gender identity, those who are leading successful transformations are those who are letting their feminine show up.

In 2020, we acknowledge the feminine by:

- bringing our whole self to the transformation where all parts of our life have converged into a single context
- showing great humility & vulnerability
- making deep human connections with other human beings

We appreciate nurturing, caring, co-suffering.

And, we admire the feminine is every one of us.


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#Agile2016  #TemenosAtAgile2016 

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