Leading Scaling Agility is about Communication

Siraj Sirajuddin / Jun 5, 2023

What are the communication challenges when Scaling Agility?


In a word, Clarity.

In a few words, when Scaling Agile, communication becomes even more critical as multiple teams, stakeholders, and departments must collaborate and align their efforts. Some of the communication challenges we have observed are:

- Siloed communication

- Incomplete communication

- Misaligned expectations

- Information overload

- Cultural differences

- Resistance to change

To address these challenges, fostering a culture of open & clear communication and collaboration across teams, departments, and stakeholders is essential. This may involve implementing communication channels, such as daily stand-ups, regular retrospectives, and visual management tools, to ensure that information is shared transparently and consistently.

Above all, I would like you to focus on the quality of communication.

It's also important to invest in training and coaching to ensure that everyone in the organization understands the agile principles and practices being used and is empowered to contribute to the success of the implementation.

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