STIA+Temenos2016 Conference Participant

Teaching, training and other structured learning opportunities are activities that one person does to another, while learning is something we can only do for ourselves.

Learning is a process which never ends, the more you learn more you gain. Knowledge has its own way of expressing your individuality. We have those humbled crowd of people joining with us as the participants of the Conference.

STIA+Temenos Participant

  • Mike Gillatt

    Principal, Leader, Educationalist

    First and foremost I am a father of three teenage children. I'm a school principal, facilitator and coach with a proven track record of leading change, implementing high quality leadership practices and developing leaders.

    I'm deeply committed to the development of high quality leadership throughout all levels of the education sector and passionate about helping school systems, schools and school leaders work towards achieving their full potential.

  • Louis Guzzo

    Manager of IT Project Delivery

    Lou Guzzo, a Cleveland, Ohio native, started his career in the wild world of paint working for Sherwin-Williams after graduating from the University of Dayton. He now resides in Chicago where he is the Manager of IT Project Delivery for Summit Group.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    In today's world, the ability to be able to transform, adapt, and change both professionally and personally is key to both success and happiness. I hope to come away from the conference with new friends, ideas, and inspiration to help continue to propel me forward into this crazy world we live in, achieving things I never imagined and/or thought possible!

  • Kory Anderson

    President at Anderson Industries

    Kory Anderson is President of three manufacturing companies providing solutions to the Agricultural, Construction, Energy, and Transportation Industries.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I am attending STIA + Temenos 2016 to continue to develop my leadership and to learn new and better ways of leading my company, teams, and our Dakota Resources organization to add more value to others and create more powerful and effective outcomes.

  • Paula Jensen

    Enriching Communities,Empowering People

    Paula’s roles with Dakota Resources include resource development, community coaching and implementation of programs throughout rural South Dakota.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I have a basic knowledge of systems thinking and want to dive deeper into learning around it for personal and professional development. I am a believer of life-long learning and am intrigued by STIA+Temenos. I am especially excited that we have a great team from Dakota Resources attending so we can continue practicing our new learning as we work with entrepreneurs and communities.

  • John Beranek

    Strategy consultant

    John Beranek is a gifted team builder, educator, prevention advocate and story teller. A native of the Great Plains, John started his professional career as a corrections official for the State of South Dakota. He has been a youth advocate for 17 years and he has learned many of his life lessons from the troubled children who have crossed his path.

    John has an entrepreneurial spirit having started several small companies and works as motivational speaker, executive life coach, strategic navigator, entertainment producer and truth seeker. His life energy and curiosity is contagious.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I am a person who is always seeking new questions to explore how to lower the mask and explore where the truth might live. The journey is enhanced when you walk with others. I am willing to include this in my path.

  • Mike Knutson

    President at MAK(e)

    Mike's passion for Rural America stems from the efforts of high school students in Howard, SD who in 1996 decided they wanted to help save their rural community by educating residents about the power of “buying local.”

    Currently, Mike works as a facilitator and community coach, through his consulting business, MAK(e) Strategies. He is excited to be a part of both the GoTeachSD program and the Rural Housing Playbook.

  • Joe Bartmann

    Process designer

    Joe Bartmann is the Vice President of Programs for Dakota Resources and currently resides in Montrose, SD. Prior to his current position, he was a community coach, process designer and facilitator. After more than a decade leading innovative community and economic development non-profits, Joe co-founded Rural Weaver LLC in 2012, where they help leaders engage in meaningful conversations and design community change that works and lasts. Joe is a Site Coach for Dakota Rising.

  • Lorri Riley

    Podiatrist, Inventor, Entrepreneur

    Lorri was born and raised on a ranch west of Belle Fourche, SD. While playing basketball at the University of South Dakota, she developed foot problems. Lorri graduated from Des Moines University with the degree of Doctor of podiatric Medicine. She opened her first solo practice – Black Hills Foot Clinic – in Spearfish in 1992. In 2005, Lorri received a patent for ThinNail®. In 2006, she formed a company called Rylo, Inc. to market ThinNail.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    "I found the Temenos session we had at our Dakota Rising to be so interesting and provided so much insight. I know that was just touching the surface of what Temenos is all about. I really look forward to digging deeper into this whole process."

  • Kristi Wagner

    President / CEO at Rushmore Center

    Kristi markets and oversees the community capacity building programs for Dakota Resources and serves as a Site Coordinator for Dakota Rising. She is a trained facilitator and has delivered Dakota Resources LeadershipPlentySD and Creating Value Added Communities programs. Kristi is the owner and CEO of the Rushmore Center for Civic Leadership.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I participated in the Temenos process within a small group of coaches in April 2015 and again with a larger group of entrepreneurs in July of 2015. Both experiences were learning in their own ways; first a deep personal experience, second creating bonds and trust with ourselves and others creating a strong support network. I look forward to learning more about the process and sharing the processes with others.

  • Troy McQuillen

    Creative Director at McQuillen Creative

    After a typical childhood in Aberdeen, Troy packed his things and headed for Los Angeles to attend film school at the University of Southern California. He graduated in 1987 and worked in the film business for about thirteen months. He didn’t like the direction he was headed. Troy went back to the University and convinced them he was a graphic designer and was hired by the School of Business.

    Troy has grown his business from a one-man shop that only did graphic design to a multi-person, multi-media company that creates marketing strategies, video productions, websites, print collateral, signage, and pR.

  • Chris Malo

    Owner at Blackhills Urethane

    Chris Malo started his first business, Castaway Products, in 2002 in Westlock, Alberta, Canada. Before beginning this venture, he worked for Lehman Trikes where he was the fifth employee hired. Lehman Trikes began in a garage and ended up being the largest trike company in the world.

    After four successful years with Castaway Products, an opportunity was presented to expand his operations into the United States. Chris, being aggressive by nature, accepted the offer, and Black Hills Urethane began operations in May of 2006. Within two years, the company tripled in size. Since then he has started two new companies: Dirty Bird, a manufacturing company based in Phoenix, AZ, and Baggster, his first retail/marketing company. Both are into their second year and growing at a healthy rate. In 2009, Chris was awarded the Dakota Rising Fellowship award. He completed the three year Fellowship and continued on as an Alum and Mentor, as well as an aid in program design and instruction.

  • Dee Sleep

    Owner/Operator at Chicken Creek Communications

    Dee has owned and operated Chicken Creek Communications, a full-service graphic design and communication service, since 2001. The business is located in Spearfish on the northern edge of South Dakota’s Black Hills.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I participated in the Temenos process within a small group of entrepreneurs in July 2015. While we already knew that the majority of our limitations were self imposed, the experience helped us to discover WHY we were limiting ourselves. It also drew us closer as a group, creating somewhat of a support system. I look forward to learning more about the process and how to utilize it as a tool in other situations.

  • Lin VanHofwegen

    Managing Director

    Lin VanHofwegen manages the operations of Dakotas America and oversees its administration. Through her management, Dakotas America has been awarded $255MM in New Market Tax Credit allocations.

    Lin is widely recognized for her tireless commitment to serving the people of distressed low-income communities (LIC), which is an extension of her personal life. She has long demonstrated strong commitment to learning, as well as mission activities. Lin’s true advocacy for LIC persons is directly reflected in the types of projects that Dakotas America pursues.

  • Christine Hamilton

    Co-Owner at Christiansen Land & Cattle

    I grew up in South Dakota, lived away for 22 years, and returned in 1994. When I returned, and looked around my small town, I became concerned about rural out migration and the seeming lack of strategic planning to deploy limited resources in an optimal way. I’ve served on the Dakota Resources board, which is led by Beth Davis as its Executive Director, and have been involved in several regional initiatives to increase economic development and community development over the last 20 years. I find myself still compelled to pursue and support possible approaches. I’ve also attended several Pegasus conferences over the past 15 years, and have been an advocate of a systems thinking approach to addressing challenges and opportunities. When Beth invited me to join this conference team from South Dakota, I was happy to accept.

  • Kelsey Doom

    Executive Director at Wagner Area Growth

    Kelsey was born and raised in Wagner, South Dakota. After obtaining her Bachelors of Science from Colorado State University, Kelsey moved back home and unexpectedly found her passion of economic and community development. Kelsey Doom has served as Executive Director of Wagner Area Growth, the local development corporation, since May of 2013.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I am excited and honored to take part in STIA with so many I admire and respect. Being green in the industry I am specifically excited to absorb every drop of wisdom I can from others’ experiences in their years of work..

  • Katherine Padilla

    Owner, Katherine Padilla & Associates

    Ms. Padilla Otanez is the Owner and Managing Principal of Katherine Padilla & Associates (KPA), a community outreach and public input process firm specializing in public infrastructure projects. Ms. Padilla Otanez holds a Masters and Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University, Los Angeles.A strategy and communications specialist, she has over 24 years of experience in the Southern California region with expertise and training.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I wish to learn from others about how Systems Thinking Principles can be applied in real-life problem-solving. Thank you!

  • Misty Postol

    Director at Excellus BCBS

    Misty Postol is a Director of Customer Care at Excellus BlueCross and BlueShield in Upstate New York, where she leads the provider market call center servicing physicians and facilities. Misty has been working in health insurance for the last 18 years. She graduated from SUNY Empire State with an associate degree in Community and Human Service and is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources. In addition to this, Misty is an active volunteer and supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I am attending to improve my ability to think about the big picture. I'm often faced with complex and messy issues and I would like to understand the situation more systematically and learn new approaches to handling them. .

  • Sue Harkins


    Currently in transition, I am a hands-on leader with broad IT experience. I thrive on working with business and IT to create and implement customer-focused solutions. I truly believe the best way to build customer-focused solutions is with a highly-motivated, self-directed and happy team and with a system that enhances the teams capacity to succeed.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I am very interested in the Temenos process and would like to learn more about it. I am interested in learning the theory but I am more interested in seeing how it can be applied. Thank you!

  • Bethany Smith Woodcock

    Safe Church Educator

    Bethany Woodcock is the founder of Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY), a Lancaster, PA based organization that focuses on raising awareness about modern day slavery and helping individuals and groups to understand how they can make a difference.

    Her hope for NIMBY is that it would mobilize ordinary citizens into action against the human trafficking that is occurring in their own backyards.

  • Leah Malo

    Business and Marketing Manager

    I am a Resource Conservation graduate, that decided to pursue the family business in motorcycle manufacturing. After having 2 kids and transplanting from Canada to the US, my career shifted into the retail side of the powersports industry. My husband shared the ideas of the Temenos concept with me, and I am intrigued by the possibilities it offers for both personal and professional growth. My gut tells me this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it's time to drop the daily grind and step back to re-evaluate.

  • Toine van der Doelen

    Eigenaar diemenso,Systeem denker

    I am Toine van der Doelen from the Netherlands. 46 years old, married and father of 2 daughters (10 and 11 years old).My whole career I worked in construction of infrastructuralprojects. Since 2004 as a self-employed person.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I attend to STIA+ 2016 because of the subject - personal mastery- and because my experience that the people at STIA+ are very interesting and open to learn with and from. Broaden my perpectives by interacting with people fromother countries and industries. And hoping to build lasting relations with fellow system thinkers and be part of a sustainable learning community. Looking forward to meet a lot of beautiful people and catch up with friends.

  • Fredrick Mann

    Consultant at Columbia University

    I'm very happy to attend this conference. I'm a Profesional Development Consultant at Teachers College, Columbia University. I work with School Leaders to help them lead change initiatives in their schools. I have worked as a School Change Consultant for 10 years and I have been in field of education for a 19 years total.

  • Shailaja Reddy


    I am a customer-focused and collaborative Lean-Agile leader with 18 years of broad IT experience in conceptualizing, leading and delivering technology solutions to support strategic and tactical business objectives for both external and internal stakeholders.

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    I want to discover the path to Self-Discovery and Personal Transformation. I would love to spend quality time with my smart fellow attendees with the hope that I can learn a new trick or two that will help me solve some of the tough challenges I see on my current transformation journey!

  • Elveta Bishop

    Executive and Group Coach

    Elveta Bishop is the Owner and Principal Consultant of Bishop Management Associates. Her expertise includes a broad spectrum of systems thinking, planning,human development, and optimization disciplines, including strategic thinking, design and execution of accountability structures, complex culture change,competency development, and project execution. She specializes in coaching both executives and other professionals committed to professional growth. Elveta is amaster trainer, facilitator, and technical writer.

  • Thelma Gracia

    I was raised in Rio Grande Valley and moved to San Antonio. Commuting from San Antonio to Austin and graduated from University of Texas in Austin. For the past twenty years, I have worked in the Legal field and in the Political community which I have strong ties too. A few months ago, I was introduced to a new form of leadership and vision. I was given the opportunity to come on board as a team member with Temenos+Agility. I hope to grow with the Company and learn all that I can from everyone at Temenos+Agility.

  • Lindsay McEwan

    I have just recently graduated High School and am excited to start my new journey in the fall of 2016 at Johnson & Wales University-Denver Campus to study Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I have had experience working in the Agile mindset as I had the opportunity to work with the team at Scaled Agile Inc. in the summer of 2015 as well as attend Agile 2015 in Washington, D.C. This summer I am excited to be apart of the wonderful team at Temenos!

    Why am I coming to STIA+Temenos 2016?

    As one of the youngest attendees , I am attending Conference to gain additional insight on roles pertaining to leadership and teamwork through the use of collaborative thinking and communication. I am looking forward to expanding my skills and knowledge on such subjects at this pivotal time in my life because it will give me a greater prospective on the ever-changing work force we are all apart of. I hope to leave this conference with new friends, new ideas, and a new excitement for my undefined future!

  • Rajesh Ramalingam

    Program Manager at Nokia

    Rajesh Ramalingam is the Business Capability Program Manager from Operations team of Nokia Technologies, where he is responsible for building commercial operational capabilities to drive the Go to Market plans. The breadth of capabilities spans Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Customer Support. Rajesh brings with him 15 years of both hands on and leadership experience within Business Operations and IT Applications. Enabled Product launch to new markets and setting up business capabilities to align with corporate GTM strategy.

  • Vimal Chudasama

    Program Manager at Nokia

    My name is Vimal Chudasama and I am working at Nokia Technologies as Capability Program Manager in the Operations team. My role is to work on planning & executing the commercial capabilities for the integrations involved with various frontend and backend systems. Prior to joining Nokia 7 months back, I have worked in various different startups and established companies within the PMO groups delivering successful projects working with cross-functional teams. I am looking forward to the Change Agent workshop and understanding the expectations of change agent within the organization and being part of the transformation.