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Agile Leadership Certification Program

We want Agile transformation, but where do we find our Agile leaders?

All over the world, large, ambitious organisations are waking up to the value created by Agile — at scale

Agile Managers Certification Program

… but Agile change requires profound and subtle organization-wide shifts in perspective and mindset

  • Trust in individuals and teams
  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Vulnerability
  • Deep Listening
  • Honouring differences
  • Taking risks

… elegantly blended with mastery of the frameworks and skills of scaled Agile methodologies like SAFe.

For over 20 years, our leadership team has specialised in helping large organisations embody Agility through deep culture change. We meld deep knowledge from dozens of scaled Agile assignments with our unique Temenos personal and organisational change practice.

Agile Managers Certification Program
Agile Managers Certification Program

From these decades of experience, we have created a year-long Agile Leadership journey, accessible by internal and external leaders and change agents at all levels, including….

  • Face-to-face workshops with our most senior facilitators
  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring throughout
  • Personal and group projects - living leadership
  • Participation in community through virtual containers
  • Assignments
  • Video training content
  • Training in and living practice of Agile and Lean

We offer this program at scale within organisations. We also train internal change agents, (“training the trainer”) embedding Temenos+Agility deep in your organisational culture.

Twelve-month program schedule

Month Face to face workshops Support group sessions with mentor One to one coaching Projects Assignments Self-paced Video training
One The Temenos Effect Gathering 2017
Bengaluru (Jan)
Four The Temenos Effect Gathering 2017
Bengaluru (Apr)
Six The Temenos Effect Gathering 2017
Boston (Jun)
Seven The Temenos Effect Gathering 2017
Bengaluru (Jul)
Ten The Temenos Effect Gathering 2017
Bengaluru (Oct)