Leadership Retreat - Questions to Consider

Siraj / Jan 6, 2019


This is a moment of transformation for you. You and your leadership team are considering a retreat.


You are all excited and cannot stop thinking of the possibilities and opportunities that can emerge. You are all anxious and concerned about facing some of your colleagues. You are all consumed with the planning and logistics that will make this event a success. Some of you are off shopping for new clothes and gadgets.

Excellent! You are now one step ahead of several others who cannot understand the logic and ROI of a leadership group retreat or are unable to do so due to financial or other obstacles.

Take a moment to acknowledge your advantage and then lets dive deeper. Here are some questions to ponder

1. Why are you doing this retreat?

2. Who are you inviting? Why?

3. More importantly, Who are you not inviting? Why?

4. Who has accepted the invite? Why?

5. Who has not accepted the invite? Why?

6. What will you and the team learn about your group from all the activities prior to the commencement of the retreat?

7. Will you have an outside facilitator? How will you ensure objectivity and neutrality?

That's all for now!

All the best with your retreat and see you again, in a few days!







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