Do not underestimate the challenge of Leading Scaling Agility!

Siraj Sirajuddin / Jun 23, 2023

In one word - communication! 

In a few words, some of the critical challenges we have seen include:

- Creating space for change while maintaining operations 

- Passive resistance to change due to poor communication 

- Lack of buy-in from various leaders/stakeholders

- Over-reliance on tools and processes at the start 

- Difficulty in aligning with business and tech goals 

- The complexity of the adoption process 

Acknowledging and addressing these challenges proactively during the adoption process is essential. This may involve investing in training and coaching for team members, securing buy-in from leadership, ensuring that the approach is adapted to the organization's specific needs, and maintaining a focus on continuous improvement throughout the process. 

Above all, I would like you to focus on the quality of communication. 


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PS. I am adding a link to an interesting #HBR article on a specific challenge to change initiatives like Scaling Agile:

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